Event: Green Product & Concept Award 2022 honors innovative product designs

The competition is made for a greener future with sustainable and innovative product ideas - New this year: the MCBW exhibition and the Green Future Club

Green Product Award
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The Green Product and Concept Award 2022

This year's Green Product & Concept Award ceremony will take place on May 18 in Munich instead of. The award is now going in its 9th round, this year around 1500 projects from 52 countries were evaluated. It will take place as well as on site and virtually.

Under the aspects of design, innovation and sustainability, the best 100 products and the best 100 concepts were nominated and selected by the jury in 13 categories. Among the judges is House of Eden co-founder Melodie Abdollahi. From architecture and tiny houses to the world of work, fashion, but also building components, interiors and lifestyle, children and consumer goods, kitchens, mobility and much more.

Here to register for the Digital Award Ceremony 2022.

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The award is primarily about appreciating sustainable actors and thought leaders, giving feedback on the nominated works and ensuring cross-sector networking of all those involved - from large to small companies as well as students. The overarching goal: Better and green products should replace non-sustainable products.

What will be shown? Clothing that grows from roots, 3D-printed wooden furniture, design bikes made from recycled tetrapacks, cars with solar cells, sinks made from pressed quartz, repairable multifunctional kitchen appliances, shower soaps without packaging or a coffin made out of mushrooms. Everything is represented. The shower soap was chosen as the Green Product Award Audience Winner 2022.


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Green Future Club - "Let's design the future"

Under the motto "Let's design the future", the Green Future Club wants to create a future in which all products are sustainable. Therefore, young participants of the Green Concept Award are specifically supported with workshops, mentors, matchmaking alternatives and media work. A cross-industry meeting with 150 international designers, founders and material experts who exchange views on the topic of sustainable design. This gives rise to many exciting projects to promote the sustainable development of materials, products and services.

Special exhibition MCBW 2022

There will also be a pop-up exhibition at Munich's Viktualienmarkt, where sustainable materials and prototypes will be presented. The focus is on the topic of circular design with concrete design applications. These are created through design, innovative processes and the rethinking of material flows. The works by 33 designers from 12 different countries are presented, which deal with six different themes. Materials, products and prototypes were designed for each and submitted to both awards.

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  1. "Out of the water" - Algae are taking over our world, whether as air purifiers, dyes for clothing or materials for furniture
  2. "Among Mushrooms" - Mycelium, from the roots of the mushrooms acoustic panels, chairs or shoe soles will grow in the future
  3. "Second life(-means)" - Food leftovers become furniture, glasses, clothes, shoe soles or watches
  4. "New Plant World" - Natural (residual) materials of pineapple, cactus, turmeric, quartz, flax, hemp are source for clothes, room furniture, bags, sinks
  5. "Beyond Wood" - By-products of forestry into 3D printed chairs and sustainable panels
  6. "Rethink plastic" - Alternative uses and new sources for turntables, panels, 3D printed tennis balls, scented room dividers

So we can expect many new and innovative products and materials. The MCBW exhibition can be visited from May 14th to 22nd. In conversation with the initiator Nils Bader we will find out what constitutes a green product or green concept and what it looks like behind the scenes of the award ceremony.


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