Christmas window decorations: The 10 best ideas and Inspo 2023

The right decoration for every style. Ten creative ideas for a Christmas window decoration

Christmas window decorations

What would Christmas be without the right decoration - only half as contemplative. After all, it beautifies the dark, cold days and creates an Advent mood. It doesn't always have to be the classic Christmas tree, because there are more than enough options to make your own four walls wintery. A Christmas window decoration is suitable for large and especially small living areas.

There is something for every style: Whether natural pine cones, classic Christmas tree balls or cozy candles, there are no limits to the ideas. We did research and put together great ideas for window decorations for Christmas.

Christmas window decorations: 10 ideas for a festive mood

1. Christmas wreath with a difference

An advent wreath is allowed Christmas not missing. Already in the weeks leading up to the holidays, it ensures a peaceful time. A beautiful, individual window decoration for Christmas can be made from mistletoe or fir branches and candles alone.

2. Colored accents with Christmas tree balls

Christmas baubles are simply part of Christmas. They not only look great on the tree, they also give the window a wintry atmosphere. The window decorations for Christmas can of course be bought in many places, but decorated with marbling colors, for example, they get their very own touch. To make the window decorations for Christmas, wooden balls or felt are also suitable.


Tree decorations made of wood by Rico Design

3. Classic straw stars

They are among the classics of Christmas decorations: straw stars. They are available at every Christmas market, but you can make them just as well. With a string, they embellish both the Christmas tree and the windows.

4. Natural pine cones & wooden ornaments

Collect a few pine cones and the window decorations are almost ready for Christmas. They are either festively draped on the windowsill or on the Advent wreath or hung at different heights with twine. Their lovely scent makes the Christmas mood perfect. Complemented by a couple of beautiful wooden ornaments, a wonderful winter world is created on the windowsill. Look out for FSC certified Wood.

5. Radiant lights frame

The Advent season is considered contemplative and romantic, among others the Colors and lights. Almost nothing is easier than an illuminated window decoration for Christmas: There are fairy lights for outside and inside, with which you can decorate the window sills or window frames. Pay attention to LED and energy efficiency.

6. Green fir garlands

Fir trees are the ultimate Christmas tree. They do not only serve as a Christmas tree, but also as garlands, with which the windows can be made wintery with ease. Decorated with flowers of poinsettias, pine cones, walnuts, small figures or Christmas balls, they create a special Advent flair inside and out. Attach a chain of lights between the branches and the window decorations are lit for Christmas.

7. Cozy with candles

A particularly cozy atmosphere arises when it is dark outside and the candlelights are flickering in the apartment or in the house. No matter whether red, gold, silver, green or white, candles should not be missing at Christmas. You can use them to decorate the Advent wreath or Christmas tree and illuminate the window decorations for Christmas. Look for candles that are free from paraffin and synthetic materials. Here are some sustainable ones Brands.

8. White Christmas with paper snowflakes

Making window decorations for Christmas - nothing easier than that. Snowflakes made of paper are not only quick and easy to make, but they are also a fantastic winter decoration that adorns the windows after the Christmas season.

9. Romance with red curtains

Red is one of the typical colors of Christmas and therefore wonderfully suitable for a decoration. How about red curtains, for example? Add a chain of lights, fir branches or candles and the window decoration is lit for Christmas. Make sure you are sustainable and natural textiles.

10. Long joy with potted plants

plants are also ideal as Christmas window decorations and even as a Christmas tree substitute. First and foremost a red poinsettia. But there are also other potted plants that exude a Christmas mood, such as a Christmas cactus, camellia or amaryllis.

Christmas window decorations - just tinker

If you want to make your window decorations for Christmas, you don't need much. Scissors, string and all-purpose glue are half the battle. Depending on your taste, you can, for example, collect fir branches, crack walnuts or cut out paper stars. A Christmas window decoration made of wood can be embellished and individually designed with non-toxic varnishes and colors.

Christmas baubles can also be decorated, giving them a personal touch. No matter whether spray, marbling, lacquer or acrylic colors are used for window decoration for Christmas handicrafts, gloves and a table mat are not wrong. For example, to sew Christmas baubles, fiberfill, felt and thread belong on the table.

For a Christmas wreath you need twigs and wire and candle holders. A straw splitter, a laying form and an iron make it easier to make straw stars. Once the desired materials have been selected and at hand, you can start right away. Especially on a cold winter afternoon, crafting window decorations is a nice pastime that increases the anticipation of Christmas.


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