Renting furniture - now the hype of the metropolises comes to us

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Rent furniture instead of buying, furnishing sustainably

Author: Katharina Healing

Renting furniture has become a real hype, especially in metropolises like London and NYC. Instead of new ones every few years Or in other words: furniture to buy and throw away the old, many people now rent them. Because the USA alone leaves more than 10 million tons of furniture in landfills every year - including materials like foam and plastic that are not biodegradable are. But what is really all about the hype?

These are the advantages of Hypes furniture rental

Advantage No. 1: Renting furniture means less waste

Who his Or in other words: furniture rents, avoids waste. Because as soon as a furniture trend is over, we move or have seen enough, most of the furniture ends up in the trash. In contrast, rented furniture goes back to its provider and will soon delight the next tenant. Most of the furniture shows no or hardly any signs of use, as they are robust and well suited for reuse. In this way, waste can easily be avoided and the life cycle of the interior parts can be extended.


Advantage No. 2: Furniture leasing protects nature and animals

Resources such as wood, stone, foam or plastic are used for furniture. Regardless of whether you choose furniture made from biodegradable resources or artificial materials - natural resources are needed for every production. That means more polluting Deforestation, Mining and overculture practices. So if you borrow your furniture, you avoid trees being felled, soil being destroyed and habitats for plants and animals being destroyed.

Advantage No. 3: Renting furniture promotes the energy balance

When buying furniture, it is often forgotten that numerous people, machines and power plants are in use to guarantee the manufacturing processes. Added to this is the energy consumption of the supply chain, the sales measures and disposal. Furniture rental helps ensure that energy is used more effectively, i.e. for a longer life of the furniture.

rent furniture

Image source & copyright by Kwik Design

Our top websites for renting furniture

These websites offer various rental models for furniture and make no compromises in terms of design and taste:

  1. Light Living
  2. Furniture leasing
  3. KwiK design

The next time you are faced with the decision, you can now consider whether renting the furniture is a good choice. The environment will welcome this decision!


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