Green Product Award 2024: Sustainable innovations on the path to change

Sustainable design with distinction! The Green Product Award offers a stage for innovative products. We introduce you to the winners in 2024 who are driving the green transformation

Green Product Awards 2024
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Author: Julia

Under the motto “Let's design the future together”, the international Green Product Award, which has been presented since 2013 by the Green Future Club is awarded, innovative products and concepts that pave the way to a resource-saving future. With 1500 submissions from 60 countries, this year's edition marked a milestone in the history of the award and provided evidence that the transformation is becoming one circular Economy is within reach. The winners were finally chosen from 250 nominated entries in 12 categories, which are characterized by their outstanding design, their innovative strength and their sustainability.

Green Product Award 2024: celebratory award ceremony in Berlin

For the award ceremony on April 30, nominees, jury members, club members, partners and embassy representatives came together in the Nordic embassies in Berlin to exchange ideas and honor the winners. The event began with various presentations from industry experts, followed by pitches from emerging designers, co-financed by the IKEA Foundation Green Cells program of the Green Future Club. This program offers students, graduates and start-ups support in developing concepts for sustainable products, materials and services. The public workshops of the Green Cells program are ideal preparation for participation in the international Green Concept Award, which was also awarded on this day.


Source & Copyright by Green Future Club

Renowned jury and award-winning innovations at the Green Product Award 2024

The jury for the Green Product Awards was again top-class in 2024. Respected experts such as Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Expo Foundation), Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt (Lund University), Prof. Tina Kammer (InteriorPark.), Prof. Martin Charter (Centre of Sustainable Design), Raz Godelink (Parsons School of Design) or Katrin de Louw (trend filter) were responsible for selecting the winners. Haus von Eden co-founder Melodie Abdollahi was once again part of the expert panel.

Winners of the Green Product and Green Concept Awards 2024

The winning entries were spread across 12 different categories. These reflected the range of sustainability efforts in everyday life and the world of work. The Green Product Award was given to established companies with market-ready products. The Green Concept Award, on the other hand, was awarded to students and graduates as well as start-ups for their innovative concepts.


In this category, the jury awarded the Green Concept Award twice. An award went to the Urban Soundscape project, which presented organic facade panels and an urban amphitheater made from plant-based materials. It wants to sustainably combat noise pollution in cities. The jury was also impressed by the 3DWoodWind project. For this purpose, students at the University of Kassel have developed a robotic winding process for material-efficient lightweight components made of wood.

Source & Copyright by 3DWoodWind

Building components

Among other things, the innovative Forestlines® Slats received a Green Product Award. Finally, the untreated wooden slats score points with an unusually high fire reaction class. They are therefore used in sustainable construction projects. The additive Maxwell was also among the winners. As an additive for heat transfer fluids, this helps reduce energy consumption. The student project MySol 3.5k was also honored with the Green Concept Award. The team had developed a modular backup battery made from recycled lithium cells.

Source & Copyright by MySol 3.5k

Consumer Goods

In this category, Flor de Caña Terra Rum, an environmentally friendly rum in sustainable packaging, and the Pebbles eU brand, which stands for handmade, compostable cleaning products made from renewable raw materials, each won a Green Product Award. The innovative Aquasense shower head, however, received a Green Concept Award. It was designed by four German students and makes sustainable water saving possible with style.

Source & Copyright by Pebbles eU


The Green Product Awards jury was impressed by the concepts of VANK_CUBE and Conscious Confetti. The former offers a modular furniture system made from biomaterials such as flax and hemp. The latter reduces plastic pollution with biodegradable confetti made from waste materials from waffle paper production. Nautilus, an innovative tool that makes it easier to collect invasive freshwater mussels, was also among the expert panel's favorites this year. The tool developed by a student from Switzerland was therefore awarded a Green Concept Award.

Source & Copyright by VANK_CUBE

Interior & lifestyle

The Reborn Composite Foam Mattress, a mattress made from post-consumer waste, received a Green Product Award. Secondhand as First Choice, a second-hand furniture platform, also received the coveted award. Two Danish students were delighted to receive a Green Concept Award for their modular sofa GRO, which is made entirely from sustainable materials.

Source & Copyright by Secondhand as First Choice


In this category, the projects finkid BUDDY EKO, the first upcycling school bag on the market, and Little Skittles, a noiseless cork bowling game for children, won the Green Product Award. Amaze, a combination of balance board and labyrinth that combines fitness and fun, was honored with a Green Concept Award.

Source & Copyright by Little Skittles


Innovations such as the compact, low-technology Muri cooling system won the Green Product Award. Nunc., an energy-saving portafilter machine with recyclable coffee packaging, was also among the winners. SUTE, a modular, repairable kitchen appliance with a puristic design, impressed the jury at the Green Concept Award.

Source & Copyright by Muri


Schwalbe's Green Marathon, the first circular bicycle tire made entirely of natural rubber, impressed in this category. The ChargePost, a battery-backed fast charging station for electric vehicles, and the City Transformer CT-1, an electric mini-vehicle with a shape-changing chassis, also scored points with the jury of the Green Product Award 2024.

Source & Copyright by City Transformer CT-1

New materials

Projects such as ARCHISONIC® Cotton, a completely circular sound absorber made from recycled materials, and LOVR™, a hemp-based leather alternative, received awards. In addition, the Infused Earth research project was honored with a Green Concept Award. This creates organically shaped objects out of clay using 3D printing. These can serve as a habitat for animals and plants in the city and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Source & Copyright by ARCHISONIC® Cotton


In this category, the plastic-free coating alternative Qwarzo® Coating Technology and the FibreStrap, a sustainable cable tie made from wood fibers, won the Green Product Award. The carbon-negative, biodegradable foam Carbon Cell, which serves as a polystyrene replacement, was one of the winners of the Green Concept Award.

Source & Copyright by Qwarzo®

Personal Care

In the area of ​​personal care, innovations such as Dr. Bauer's Zahnliebe, a sustainable dental care range with grass paper packaging and wooden tubes, and the refillable deodorant system REFILL ROLL-ON-DEO. The compostable hair dryer Compodry, in which only the components made from recyclable materials remain after the biological degradation process, was awarded the Green Concept Award.

Source & Copyright by Compodry

Working world

Winners of the Green Product Award in this category were PASQUAL ARNELLA with sustainable mannequins made from recycled paper and Sustainable Biocapsules, a new packaging material for seeds. WS Cooling, a cooling-capable power generator for agriculture, received the Green Concept Award 2024.

Source & Copyright by PASQUAL ARNELLA

Audience winner at the Green Product Award 2024

In addition to the jury's decisions, audience winners were chosen in a public online vote. Over 60.000 votes were cast in the voting. The projects EVOdescale, an ecological limescale and corrosion protection based on malic acid, and Urban Soundscape are winning out here. The latter also impressed the expert jury in the architecture category with its concept for organic facade panels.

Source & Copyright by Urban Soundscape

Green Trend Book 2024: Yearbook of Sustainability

The Green Trend Book 2024 has also been published to coincide with the Green Product Award. This is what House of Eden readers can do here View as a free eBook. The book presents the latest trends and international product and Material innovations in the area of ​​sustainability. It therefore serves as a source of inspiration and a guide for companies, designers and consumers who are looking for future-oriented solutions for a greener world.

Source & Copyright by Green Future Club

Conclusion: Green Product Award 2024 as a catalyst for sustainable change

The Green Product Award 2024 has impressively proven that green products and technologies are becoming increasingly mainstream in society, are gaining increasing visibility and can be real game changers for people and nature. Driven by visionary products and concepts that combine environmental protection and innovation, the Green Product Award in 2024 helped set the course for sustainable change in our society.


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