Designer portrait - Guillaume Alan defines minimalist luxury on a new level

With his focus on aesthetic restraint, the French exceptional designer counts on the essence of things and the search for the essential

Guillaume Alan
Image source: Guillaume Alan Paris

"Simplicity is the highest level of perfection," said Leonardo da Vinci. In this spirit, Guillaume Alan creates the connection between aesthetics and minimalism.

By capturing projects as a whole, the designer brings architecture, interior design and furniture in harmony with traditional French design.In his "Kennedy" project, he converted a Parisian luxury apartment into a magnificent 19th century building.

A French couple who admires his work live in the apartment. The challenge for Guillaume Alan was to surprise the couple with a special design that creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, corresponds to the level of star hotels and luxury villas and at the same time represents a place of joie de vivre.

living minimalist

Image source: Guillaume Alan

For the apartment on the top floor, which has a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, a complete reorganization of space and architecture was undertaken. Light was extremely important for the architecture.

"Light creates architecture, it is thanks to light that walls, rooms and shadows exist."

Instead of emphasizing obvious wealth and fast-paced trends, Guillaume Alan's luxury approach is to minimize elements. His philosophy is to create calm and serenity. The way Alan defines spaces is very clear, characterized by strong lines, precision and proportions. The designer relies on custom-made furniture, a monochrome color palette and natural materials.

Accordingly, the light-flooded rooms of the Paris residence offer a skilful interplay between the finest natural materials such as wool, silk and soft leather. Complemented by carpets made of raw linen, floors made of brushed oak and natural marble. The accents are made with bronze and brass as well as iridescent light and dark tones. 

Guillaume Alan

Image source: Guillaume Alan

“Purity is an attitude to life. It's about restraint in architecture and elements, but about opulence in the spirit "

Traditional craftsmanship and authenticity also play a major role. Based on the legacy of talented artisans, products are made as well Textiles tailor-made and handmade. For example, the wool and cashmere collections are woven in mills in Scotland, silk, marble and leather traditionally come from Italy and the linen is from Belgium. 

In all of Alan's rooms, materials, fabrics and colors reemerge and form smooth transitions.This creates the illusion of a greater sense of space and offers more scope for the design.

"This project expresses a minimalist poetry of space, an elaborate and highly precise process that creates a universe of serenity, calm and emotion." 

Guillaume Alan

Image source: Guillaume Alan

Alan knows how to add subtlety and elegance by offering interiors and furniture that are understated and based on luxurious architecture and workmanship. In combination with classic design, it brings minimalism to a new level and explores sophistication through calm and restraint.


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