House bar deluxe: elegance and get-togethers despite the pandemic

A house bar is a unique opportunity to give your home an elegant night-out character and to spend unforgettable evenings. Now, this feeling is more important than ever.

Source & Copyright by Ulrike Krages

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The corona pandemic has brought this back into focus at home. As the center of life, as an expression of individuality and as a digital setting Cultural events, more culinary Highlights as well as social gatherings. Keyword: Cocooning. The outside world should be brought inside, the feeling of an exuberant evening in the urban hotspot should be transferred to your own four walls. To create exactly this feeling, a is suitable interior Gadget particularly good: the house bar.


Home Bar: New Need, Old Deed

Even if the house bar and its popularity are experiencing a renaissance - especially due to the pandemic - the concept has been around for almost a century. After the home bar emerged as a modern invention in the 1930s, it became a status symbol for smoky offices between the 1950s and 1970s. The essential: a bottle of scotch paired with exclusive business talks.

Today it looks very different. The house bar is a stylish interior upgrade that exudes elegance and sophistication. In addition, get-together instead of exclusivity. The home bar intensifies the experience of a private invitation, creates a sophisticated context and lets a dinner party overflow into deep conversations while drinking Old Fashions and Gin Tonics.

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Source & Copyright by Ulrike Krages

Festive ambience through the house bar

In fact, Christmas will be different this year. Many forego the Jour-Fix in their favorite bar at noon on Christmas Eve, move their traditional Christmas dinner to their own four walls and have to do without spontaneous gatherings. This is exactly where the house bar can provide a remedy.

With carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and loving preparation, the Christmas party at home can turn into a proper event due to the home bar. By celebrating the character of a bar, drinks are automatically valued more, the home feels like an exclusive location and a festive atmosphere is guaranteed. Going out at home. The home bar sets new standards for elegant dining and get-togethers at home.

Home-bar-goals by Ulrike Krages

With her kitchen unit “UK4”, the designer and entrepreneur Ulrike Krages develops holistic and extraordinary bar concepts that almost enable a gastronomic experience. There is actually always space for the house bar, so it can be integrated in the living and dining area, but also in the hallway as it comes in different sizes. With the help of elegant fabrics, unusual light sources, special effects in the furnishings and an extra portion of imagination and creativity, she creates a place that brings people together and ensures fantastic evenings.


Source & Copyright by Ulrike Krages

Essentials for the home bar

Whether as an aperitif, to accompany the dinner or to just hang out. The home bar is full of potential for all taste preferences. All that is required is the right equipment. The key here is versatility: Classic wines and champagne, spirits, juices, soft drinks and herbs, as well as fruit and vegetables. After all, the house bar repertoire ranges from long drinks to cocktails. In spite of versatility, quality over quantity always applies. With around 10 ingredients anyone can create a variety of drinks, from classics to adventuresome trends. Depending on the season or the culinary accompaniment, the home bar can also be stocked up as required.


  • Vodka
  • Scotch or whiskey
  • White or brown rum
  • Cognac or brandy
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Wermut


  • Bitter liqueurs such as Aperol or Campari
  • Fillers like tonic water or ginger ale
  • Fruit juices
  • Fruits and vegetables (such as cucumber or citrus zest for gin and tonic)
  • Fresh herbs (e.g. mint for Mojito or Moscow Mule)
  • Spices (e.g. pepper for Gin Tonic)

You can find examples of seasonal cocktails that guarantee a summer holiday feeling right here. Also, there are exclusive christmas cocktails for colder days. In addition to the ingredients, a fully equipped home bar also requires the right "hardware". What is meant is bar tender equipment, through which average drinks are officially turned into cocktails due to their mixing.


  • Shaker (mixing cup)
  • Bar Spoon (long spoon for mixing ingredients)
  • Jigger (also bar measure: measuring cup for small amounts of liquid)
  • Muddler (also bar pestle: tool for crushing fruits or herbs)
  • Strainer (bar strainer)
  • Fruit press
  • Knife and peeler (for pieces of fruit and zests)
  • Ice cube tray
  • Glassware
  • Straws (naturally sustainably made of metal or wood!)

Top 3 types of house bars

Those who want to position a home bar in a room are literally spoiled for choice. House bars are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, 5 classic models are particularly popular.

  1. Bar counter
  2. Bar cart
  3. Bar cabinet
1. The counter bar

The undisputed classic among the home bars. This is a fairly tall piece of furniture, at the front of which guests can sit on bar stools. Behind the bar there is storage space and enough work space to be creative and create appealing cocktails.

2. Bar cart

As a simple and stylish variant of the home bar, the bar cart is guaranteed to be one of the interior trends of 2020. Known as a serving trolley, the bar cart traditionally has two or three levels. On the top level there usually is a small work surface, while the lower level can be filled with hardware, bottles and other accessories.

3. The bar cabinet

A bar cabinet is - stating the obvious - a cabinet that offers generous storage options for hardware and bottles. Since it is usually not recognizable as a bar itself and offers little space for the actual preparation of drinks, it is often used as a combination part. For example, as an elegant storage space behind a bar.


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