Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interiors

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with the Iconic Awards

iconic awards
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Every year the German Design Council, Germany's leading competence center for design culture, organizes the ICONIC AWARDS: INNOVATIVE INTERIOR the end. The aim is to highlight pioneering designers and companies as representatives of the current zeitgeist and to promote sustainability and innovation through design. Within the industry, awards are a yardstick for trends and top performance.

Iconic Awards: Trend barometer for future-oriented solutions

Every product in the furnishing industry has a chance to win an award. As long as it's outstanding. So all categories of interior design are taken into account: bathroom and Wellness, Office and Workplace, kitchen and Household, to shine, Furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor, textiles and also Wall, Floor or ceiling. For the Iconic Awards 2022, however, particular attention is paid to two new special categories. The "Sustainable Solution of the Year" and the honorary award "Innovation of the Year".

Special awards: applause for sustainability and innovation

The special award "Sustainable Solution of the Year" honors a project that encounters the social buzzword of our time: sustainability. The focus of the independent jury is clearly on a holistically sustainable strategy. From the product idea, along the whole value chain, through to the finished product.

According to Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, designers are important sources of inspiration who are obliged to develop better quality products and to encourage companies to invest in sustainability and circularity to ask. And since sustainability messages secure long-term corporate success and competitive advantages today, it is also in the company's own interests to act with foresight and to anticipate regulations on environmental protection at an early stage. Win win.

"Innovation of the Year" is to be awarded to a product that impresses with a new type of solution. Through smart processes, production techniques or business models. This makes the award particularly interesting for the new generation of young designers who want to position themselves as the engines of change.

Success at the interface of nature and technology

The special awards underline a clear trend: the interior industry is increasingly turning towards sustainability and innovation. While diversity is absolutely desirable in the product range, it is about creating great things under the uncompromising claim of environmental protection as well as individual solutions. Perhaps even to promote one trend topic through the other: For example, more sustainable production through new types Green tech.

The fact that sustainability is moving more and more from the niche into the mainstream is primarily due to a new mentality that sees conscious consumption as a statement for a better lifestyle. Consumers demand environmentally friendly products and transparent communication about them. Which in short means that sustainability is the most important Megatrend is also a consumer trend of our time and has advanced to become a lucrative economic factor.

What can the Iconic Awards mean for designers?

For the entire interior industry and especially for participants in the Iconic Awards, this development means that future perspectives must be designed, sustainability integrated into the company's DNA and commitments communicated transparently. It is therefore important to find answers to current challenges: conserving resources, innovating Material alternatives research and minimize waste and emissions.

Those who face these challenges and are also able to master them ultimately receive much more than an award. The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior give their winners a unique platform that, as a strategic communication tool, can increase attention, reach and awareness and thus the brand value. Designers * who are interested in exactly this can still register for the Iconic Awards 29 until October 2021, 2022 sign in.

Experience creates inspiration: Recap Iconic Awards 2021

Anyone looking for ideas for new design concepts - whether on the consumer or company side - can be inspired by the Iconic Awards winners 2021. For example, the won RUM chair von Wehlers won the Best of Best award in the furniture category from recycled ocean plastic. Scandinavian minimalist and sustainable.

sustainable chair

© Mette Johnson, Design Council

Decided in terms of building equipment Wallstoxx "One Piece Wallcover" won the Best of Best Award for itself. As a market novelty, it is a one-piece wallpaper that Made2Order tailor-made at the request of the customer. It can be washed, is reusable and is also made of 100% recycled material.

iconic awards

© German Design Council

Secretair Home, a compact workspace for the home, won the furniture category. And not just because of the acute nature of the amplified Home offices because of COVID-19. In the name of sustainability, Secretair Home is made of recyclable PET material, while the possibility of wireless charging of mobile phones shines in terms of innovation.

iconic award

© German Design Council

Best of Best in the bathroom category made a clear statement of willingness to innovate. A smart hand shower from Hansa Armaturen. The shower head uses the display integrated in the head to show how much energy is consumed in the daily shower and how much the CO2 footprint is increased as a result. The goal: to encourage a conscious use of resources and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. So it goes without saying that the shower itself generates the electricity it needs.

iconic award

© Hansa Armaturen; German Design Council

What's Next?

It is particularly significant that all winners of the Iconic Awards were honored on the basis of their sustainable and innovative commitments as early as 2021. Be it a smart solution to generate more awareness of the waste of emissions or a recyclable wallpaper as a trend-setting invention against the throw-away mentality. Which innovations will win the Award 2022 will remain exciting, while one thing is certain: there will be impetus for positive change.



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