Kitchen trends 2021 - this is how a stylish kitchen upgrade works

Kitchen trends 2021 combine elegant color schemes, harmonious room concepts and sustainability. You can find out how this works here

Kitchen trends 2021, color, design and sustainability
Source & Copyright by Valcucine

Author: July Becker

  • The kitchen trends 2021 relate to color, style, equipment and aspects of sustainability
  • Particularly up-to-date: a holistic sustainability concept for the kitchen
  • Kitchen manufacturers are increasingly relying on the processing of environmentally friendly materials

This is what the 2021 kitchen trends look like in terms of color, concept and style

Whether it's the modernization of the old kitchen or an all-round upgrade - the 2021 kitchen trends promise high-quality materials, appealing colors and equipment that professionals and amateur cooks alike will rave about. A special plus point: sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role when it comes to kitchen design.

Kitchen trends color: Calm tones with rich color accents

In terms of color, 2021 will be rather calm. Especially the Pantone color Classic Blue radiates a pleasant calm. Other colors for the kitchen take up the developments of recent years and move in the dark spectrum. Hard contrasts between black and gray were very popular in the past. Now the gray becomes a little softer: light gray becomes soft dark gray. At the same time, the kitchen looks very elegant and timeless.

According to current kitchen trends, color must also be used for a long time not only on worktops and fronts. In fact, the sink is increasingly becoming the focus of color accents. The stainless steel sink has had its day, now copper sinks in rich gold or timelessly beautiful sinks in black are the highlight of the modern kitchen.

If the handle elements of the kitchen are made of copper, the kitchen shines with an extremely stylish sheen. Black sinks fit in very harmoniously in kitchens that are rather dark.

Kitchen trends concept: kitchen as a point of focus

Many apartments combine a kitchen and dining or living room in one. This makes the kitchen the center of life - not only the food is prepared here. Rather, people laugh, celebrate and feast with friends and family. Even working in the kitchen has established itself on a large scale with the development towards the home office. All of this is now reflected in the design of modern kitchens: Cooking, living and working are equally possible. This is ensured by new kitchen trends such as multifunctional kitchen furniture, free-standing kitchen islands and plenty of storage space. Equipping other rooms with kitchen elements is also trendy: For example, the same shelves are used in the bedroom as in the kitchen. This ensures a uniform style throughout the apartment.In the modern kitchen, the dining, living and study rooms merge into a harmonious whole.

kitchen trend 2020

Image source & copyright by Walter Knoll

Kitchen trends in style: individuality and imperfection

Basically, in terms of style, everything is allowed! The times when a kitchen front had to be white and shiny are long gone. Matte colors are on the rise, and not just in country kitchens. Speaking of which: these can also be found under the current kitchen trends for 2021. Whether bright colors or pastel, concrete optics or soft wood tones: Nothing is impossible. The need for individuality has finally reached the kitchen as well.

A dark blue turns this country house kitchen into a homely feel-good place.

Pastel colors give the kitchen a soft and cozy touch.

You can also say goodbye to the illusion that the kitchen is always perfectly tidy. After all, the kitchen is a lively place where chaos, whether large or small, breaks out when cooking. Dishes and cooking utensils are no longer locked away, but proudly presented. Plants and flowers are given a right to exist on the kitchen island and narrow shelves put picture frames in the spotlight.

The modern kitchen is no longer clinically clean and tidy, but rather testifies to the life it houses.

Kitchen trends 2021 sustainability - you have to pay attention to this

Those who think and live sustainably are no exception in the kitchen. Kitchen manufacturers have long since recognized this and that's how it is sustainable cuisine no longer an absolute exotic. Rather, it is an essential part of the 2021 kitchen trends. But what makes a kitchen sustainable? Basically, one can speak of a sustainable kitchen if its components are sustainably produced. This includes:

  • Electrical appliances
  • kitchen furniture
  • floors
  • Kitchen rear wall

Electrical devices can be described as sustainable if they are durable and, at best, recyclable. Energy efficiency is also particularly important. Devices with the A +++ rating have the best energy efficiency. It also makes sense if the dishwasher and washing machine have an eco or water-saving mode. It is very suitable for quick, not too hot washes with only a few dishes or laundry.


Products for the kitchen that are available in sustainable versions:

    • Garbage bags made from corn starch - biodegradable
    • Wooden dishwashing brushes with interchangeable heads
    • Wooden, silicone or stainless steel wooden spoons
    • Luffa or cellulose sponges instead of conventional kitchen sponges
    • French press instead of coffee capsule machine
    • Organic detergent instead of liquid detergent in plastic packaging

Sustainable materials for the kitchen trends 2021

When it comes to materials, rely on natural resources such as wood and stone. of course is Wood number one when it comes to sustainable materials for the kitchen. However, this only applies to domestic woods. In the case of tropical woods, one should take a closer look, as they promote degradation rainforest with cause. Those who rely on wood can also look out for the FSC or PEFC seal. Furniture that bears this seal is made from sustainable wood. In addition, attention is paid to the lowest possible environmental impact during production. There is also a nice one Terrazzo floor as an alternative. Rather use stainless steel than plastic for decor.

A holistic sustainability concept for the kitchen

Not only the materials of the kitchen components can be sustainable, the design can also contribute to a sustainable life. The best example of this is well thought-out waste separation. Anyone who strives for a conscious division of waste into residual waste, paper, plastic (yellow sack) and organic when designing a new kitchen, lives in an environmentally conscious way every day.

Smart kitchen helpers can also consist of materials that are more environmentally friendly than plastic. Wooden spoons are made from certified sustainable wood and storage jars made of glass are also preferable to those made of plastic.

Because every kitchen has to be cleaned regularly, it pays to think sustainably when it comes to cleaning. You don't even have to reach for finished products from the supermarket. Home remedies such as citric acid and vinegar remove limescale and dirt with ease - without aggressive artificial ingredients.

Sustainable kitchens: Top 5 manufacturers

In the following, three well-known manufacturers are presented who are fully committed to sustainable kitchens. And thus perfectly positioned for the latest kitchen trends 2021.

      1. valcucine
      2. Easter kitchens
      3. Walden
      4. nobilia
      5. Nolte

1. Valcucine

Kitchen trend

Source & Copyright by Valcucine

valcucine comes from Italy and presents itself on the market as a manufacturer of very high quality designer kitchens. Sometimes striking in black, sometimes softly creamy white, the selection of extremely minimalist kitchens is very large. Valcucine relies on dematerialization, i.e. on reducing material. This is sustainable because the less material (for example wood and metal) is used in production, the better it is for the environment.

In addition, Valcucine kitchens do not contain any substances that harm people and the environment. The paintwork is also based on a water base that is harmless to health.

2. Easter kitchens

Source & Copyright by Oster Küche

Kitchens from the family business of Easter kitchens rely on solid wood and a business policy in which people act in harmony with nature. Oster kitchens are designed according to individual customer requirements and manufactured by hand. Naturally refined solid wood is used, such as maple or wild cherry. There is a very large selection of designs and styles, colors and shapes.

Oster Küchen does not use anything that could harm people, animals or nature. The wood is treated exclusively with ecological, pollutant-free care products.

3. Walden

kitchen trend 2020

Source & Copyright by Walden

The Austrian manufacturer Walden only uses natural wood from sustainable forestry, more precisely: European hardwoods. The range includes, for example, oak, robinia and beech heartwood.

The natural wood panels are surface treated with natural oil. This means that the natural properties of the wood are retained, because wood is naturally antiseptic. Glass and linoleum, both natural materials, are also used. Walden relies on LEDs for lighting, as LED lights are particularly energy-efficient and use little electricity.

4. Nobilia

kitchen trend 2020

Source & Copyright by Nobilia Küchen

nobilia has been building intelligent kitchens with a good design made in Germany since 1945. There is something for every taste. They have the PEFC certificate for the use of wood-based materials from sustainable forestry. It is produced at two locations in Germany. The products also have the Blue Angel eco-label. It is also based on a fair price-performance ratio.

The kitchens also meet the strict requirements of the DGM (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.) and are therefore guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. As part of the DGM climate pact, successive CO2 emissions will also be reduced. When it comes to packaging and shipping, there are also fundamental alternatives.

5. Nolte

kitchen trend 2020

Source & Copyright by Nolte Küchen

A traditional German family-owned company since 1958. Nolte Kitchens made in Germany with a wide variety of products. The PEFC and FSC certificates guarantee the promotion of sustainable forestry. In line with New Ecology, Nolte works to minimize the ecological footprint of its process chains from production to delivery and guarantees production free of pollutants.

Conclusion: Every kitchen can become more sustainable

Simply purchasing a particularly energy-efficient dishwasher or installing LED lights instead of halogen lamps helps to save resources and thus the environment. Anyone who needs a completely new kitchen can confidently turn to the manufacturers of sustainable kitchens. These rely on a holistic sustainability concept and on pollutant-free production of all elements. The 2021 kitchen trends always provide inspiration for an environmentally friendly and beautiful kitchen.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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