Mid century furniture: a touch of nostalgia in your own apartment

A luxurious and practical furnishing trend that is catching on again after more than half a century: mid-century furniture is back 

Mid Century
Source & Copyright by Louis Poulsen

One key challenge is Architecture and furniture design of the Mid Century Modern style developed around the middle third of the 20th century. The growing prosperity of the population after the Second World War can be recognized both in the shapes and in the materials. This is how you set up your Home in the popular vintage style.

Mid century furniture offers durable materials of all kinds

For mid-century furniture, materials such as wood, stone and metal, but also plexiglass or acrylic glass or plastic are used. In addition, a wide variety of textiles at Mid Century Furniture not missing. Luxurious fabrics like velvet or cord, but also Wool or linen are repeatedly used as upholstery fabrics for sofas, armchairs and chairs.

Tip: Because of the high quality materials, mid-century pieces can get really expensive. The good thing: fine retro pieces of jewelery can often be found original in antique shops or in one or the other attic. Therefore: keep your eyes open.

Mid Century Modern style offers a wide range of colors

The mid-century modern look continues the theme colour hardly any limits. Covering, earthy tones such as brown or beige mix with fresh colors. Navy blue, sage green and old pink, for example, are particularly popular. Accessories in noble gold tones then stand out from the wide range of colors.

Tip: Those who prefer neutral pieces of furniture can also bring color to the wall with the Mid Century Modern style. Pretty Murals with patterns fit perfectly into the look.

Mid century furniture with a practical function

The unusual shapes of the furniture and home accessories make the Mit-Century style unique. It is characterized by clear lines and organic shapes. No flourishes or ornaments were used, instead the classic-modern motto applies: “Form follows function!” The design of things should therefore be derived from their purpose. Furniture with storage space is not uncommon. Slender legs and massive, angular furniture bodies are also typical - similar to the Nordic look.

Tip: Choose two or three large mid-century pieces of furniture as a basis for furnishing, for example a large couch and a solid dining table. You can then decorate the room with candles, mirrors or textiles.

Accessories in gold and silver

Decoration plays a big role in the mid-century style. But the same applies here: They should be functional. Whether newspaper racks made of gold or silver, pretty stacks of books on the coffee table or artistic containers with lids that hide even more storage space. But candles and vases are also a classic decorative element in the Mid Century Modern style.

Tip: A house bar is decorative and practical in the mid-century living room. A chic bar cart in gold or made of wood with gold elements is a real eye-catcher and can also accommodate your most beautiful bottles and glasses.

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The 5 must-have mid-century furniture

Some classics have shaped the Mid Century Modern style to this day. But there are also sustainable alternatives that do not compromise on design and aesthetics.

1. The Mono-Chair

The mono chairs from the US manufacturer Eames are a classic from the 40s. The organic seat shell made of plastic or leather are the trademark. Modern manufacturers have reinterpreted the iconic design. The same goes for the traditional Italian brand Magis. The one suitable for inside and outside Bell chair is made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene.

Bell Chair Mid Century Furniture

Source & Copyright by Magis // Bell Chair

2. Lights with soft shadows

The Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen was already working on its PH lights in the 20s. The well-shaped luminaires should offer glare-free light and cast soft shadows as well as direct the light cone to the right place. This also connects the Swiss company Vitra in his row of lamps Akari. The lights are made from Shoji paper, bamboo and steel - these materials can be reused or recycled.

Mid-Century Modern Vitra

Source & Copyright by Vitra

3. Rattan tables

Rattan was also a popular material in the mid-century. The Swedish brand Kovac produces such stylish eye-catchers from sustainably sourced rattan from FSC-certified wood. The 8Table is, typical of the Mid Century Modern style, straightforward and timeless, with a top made of rattan.

Mid century furniture from Kovac

Source & Copyright by Kovac Family

4. Aalto-Artek accessories

Side furniture and home accessories from the Finnish label Aalto Artek are indispensable in any mid-century home. Clear lines and natural materials characterize products like the Ittala vase. The Dutch company Urban nature culture makes similar items with a retro charm - for example this Paloma vase made from recycled glass. The company is also committed to fair wages for employees and dealers.

Modern furniture Paloma

Source & Copyright by Urban Nature Culture

5. Courage to use color - sustainable and yet nostalgic

Colors are an important factor in the Mid Century Modern style. Sage green was particularly popular back then and is still today. An advantage for interior design more than 50 years ago: today there are environmentally friendly room colors. Caparol Icons offers modern and particularly sustainable colors, for example No. 24 Library Love.

Organic colors

Source & Copyright by Caparol Icons

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For whom is the Mid Century Modern style actually suitable?

  • If you are in the mood for high-quality materials and timeless design, you could feel at home with mid-century furniture
  • You shouldn't be afraid of color and unusual shapes with the Mid Century Modern style
  • Even if the whole house is not supposed to look like it was in the last century: elements and pieces in the retro style of the 40s, 50s and 60s fit in almost every living room


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