News: Kenzo launches lifestyle brand K3 for interior decoration

Kenzo Takdada is celebrating its comeback in the design world with the K3 Lifestyle Brand - instead of fashion, the Japanese star designer is now offering high-quality interiors 

Kenzo k3, sustainable furniture
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Author: July Becker

  • Kenzo founder, Kenzo Takdada, launched a new interior brand under the name K3
  • K3 includes furniture, wallpaper and ceramics as well as textiles and carpets
  • Dualism of Japanese and Western influences
Kenzo has K3 (K 三), a lifestyle brand for luxurious and timeless interior design. More than 21 years ago, Kenzo Takada said goodbye to the fast-paced Fashion world. Now the Japanese at heart is pausing his retirement and is proud to return with a new collection at 81. Now, however, no longer as fashion, but as Interior designer. In the past few years, the Japanese made his new lifestyle-Brand called K3 built. Kenzo
Kenzo Takada, Jonathan Bouchet Manheim & Engelbert Honorat (Source & Copyright by K3)

K3 combines Western and Japanese design influences

The number three is written in Japanese characters with three horizontal lines and thus embodies the intercultural ambitions of the company: K 三. On the one hand, it alludes to the dualism of Japanese and Western influences, which can be found in the K3 products. Japanese minimalist and pure, but with luxurious and colorful materials. The name also refers to the international team at K3: Kenzo Takada brought Jonathan Bouchet Manheim on board as Managing Partner and Engelbert Honorat as Creative Assistant.

With the lifestyle brand K3, Kenzo ventures into timeless interior design

Source & Copyright by K3
The designer found impetus for his new Kenzo Lifestyle collection in the fact that, according to his own statements, he retired too early. However, he has finally finished with the fashion world. With his new interior brand, he now wants to design things that are more timeless than clothing. Extraordinary designs of high craftsmanship in keeping with the "Art de Vivre" - the French way of life. The K3 collection comprises three themes, which are mainly reflected in the color combination:
  • "Shogun": black and white in the foreground
  • "Sakura": pastel tones and gold colors
  • "Maiko": striking red and pink tones.
Whether furniture, wallpaper, ceramics, carpets, bed linen or household and bath textiles. Over 3 pieces are sold via the KENZO Lifestyle Collection K300. While a lot has already been presented at the Maison et Objet in Paris, the opening of several showrooms in Milan, New York and London is to follow.


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