The most beautiful furnishing ideas for your home

Furnishing ideas that combine functionality and beauty. We show trends and inspiration for modern interiors 2021

We do wood furnishing ideas
Source & Copyright by We do Wood

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

Furnishing the home and questions about the essentials are experiencing a boom due to the Corona restriction. The use of private interior space and the need for functionality, simplicity and beauty are increasing. At the same time, new trends in furnishing have been established. We therefore feature the most beautiful furnishing ideas for 2021.

Furnishing ideas and interior trends 2021

  1. Naturalness in materials as well as colour language
  2. zero waste decoration
  3. Individuality instead of a fleeting trend
  4. Cocooning
  5. Zero waste bathroom
  6. One key challenge is Kitchen as the center of life
  7. The home office in its spotlight
  8. The bedroom as a recreational sanctuary

1. Naturalness in materials and colour language

Linen, Viennese wicker, pampas grass, olive wood, highly textured stoneware or solid wood - high-quality materials go a long way and also ensure greater sustainability through their stock value. The desire for nature is also reflected in the calm and neutral shades that remain en vogue.

Fine and refine

Source & Copyright by Form & Refine

2. Zero waste decoration

Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen - zero waste items are sustainable and usually extremely aesthetically designed. The natural materials shine in a minimalist aesthetic that become a highlight in every household. Find insider tips of zero waste influencers here

3. Individuality instead of megatrends

There is no longer just one predominant furnishing trend. Due to a new, very intentional approach to individuality, perfection and blemish coexist. Old concepts such as mottainai, wabi sabi and minimalism are gaining significance and evolving into new furnishing ideas. Trends like vintage and modernity are allowed to exist simultaneously. Nothing is mutually exclusive anymore. This leads to exciting contrasts and creates an individual expression through the new combination of fresh looks.

4. Cocooning takes on a new dimension

Boundaries are blurring or dissolving completely. What was never thought possible before is now everyday life. The corona crisis has brought change to fruition: This inevitably also manifests itself in daily living environments and home furnishings. Feeling good at home is therefore becoming a priority. Technology is becoming more and more self-evident, and not only for millienials, resulting in a new demand for beautiful and smart solutions at home. More on the topic of cocooning: Cocooning 3.0: When the inside becomes the outside

5. Zero waste enters the bathroom

Zero waste as a sustainability concept is often not as easy to implement at first glance. This is especially visible when it comes to the bathroom. But here, too, there are clever and beautiful solutions for a better conscience. We have summarised the best tips here: Zero waste bathroom - oasis of well-being in the name of sustainability

zero wast bathroom

TEAM DR JOSEPH Zero Waste - Hand Wash

6. The kitchen: the center of life instead of a workspace

We've all suspected it ourselves for some time - the best parties end up in the kitchen and cooking has long been stylised as a high-end hobby - to the delight of every foodie lover. Cooking itself has evolved into a societal shared experience, which is why kitchens are being boldly designed in a more open way. This is also reflected in the new daring mix of materials, with the golden sink becoming a colour accent and the kitchen worktop enjoying a high-quality stoneware upgrade. You can find the most beautiful kitchen trends here

Furnishing ideas

Source & Copyright by Steininger design

7. The home office moves from the hidden back room into the spotlight

Be it stylish organisers, high-quality office tools that last a lifetime, sustainably mined crystals, artwork inspired by nature or stylish office furniture in Nordic design. The home office has emancipated itself and developed into a representative design eye-catcher.

8. The bedroom becomes a mindful rest sanctuary

A deliberately minimalist bedroom provides the necessary focus on the essentials. Good sleep has a positive effect on health, well-being and performance. Earthy tones and natural materials have a particularly calming effect. Here you will find sustainable brands for your personal relaxation sanctuary.

Interior inspiration: We Do Wood

The Danish furnishing brand was founded in 2011. And it did so with the guiding principle of combining Scandinavian design with strict, sustainable practices. Supporting the circular economy is at the heart of the eco-friendly philosophy and runs along the entire supply chain. Zero waste & chemicals, recycling & upcycling and philanthropy are a matter of principle for We Do Wood. Thus, our top 8 furnishing ideas can not only be implemented in style, but also with a clear conscience - for people and the environment.

Implement new furnishing ideas in 3 steps:

  1.  Find inspiration and develop the vision: The first step in furnishing is to define the feeling that the room should radiate. Based on this feeling, you can then go hunting for inspiration. Once the vision has been developed and the style defined, implementation becomes much easier.
  2. To know needs and requirements: 
What are the given challenges of the current furnishings, what should be improved and what can be simplified? Those who take the time to answer these questions - maximise the feel-good result of the new home arrangement.
  3. Plan functionality and realisation: 
Planning functionalities - we know this from kitchen planning, but also in small rooms and rooms that should feel particularly good, it makes sense to question the current functionality, to compare it with everyday needs and to implement functional improvements in the home furnishings.



Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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