Summary Paris Design Week: Talk the Talk to Walk the Walk

Maison & Objet Paris Design Week gives an insight into the visions of the future

Oltre NFT, Saba ©Hugo Fournier
Source & Copyright Oltre NFT, Saba, Hugo Fournier

Author: Julia

Roundtables and lectures on the future of design. At this year's Maison & Objet, as part of the Paris Design Week Factory, it was possible to take a look into the minds of visionary creators. Trends such as the Metaverse, the future of craftsmanship, the reissue of vintage collections and the role of women in the design world were discussed.

With this in mind, Cristina Celestino was also voted Designer of the Year. She is currently one of the outstanding talents in the Italian design world. Celestino's work and approach is manifested in her unconventional desire to find a balance between art, fashion and design. Her projects for Fendi, as well as designing Sergio Rossi's stores, testify to her familiarity with the great couture houses. Her attention to detail results in her bespoke designs and projects starting with an urban level perspective and then expanding to design details.

Fine Craft, Design and Innovation: Slow Made Movement

This year the tenth anniversary of the Slow Made Movement was celebrated. The co-founder of Slow Made and Scientific Manager of Mobilier national, Marc Bayard, therefore speaks in a talk about the courage to do something handmade. From his point of view, craftsmanship and the tactile effect of the starting material play a fundamental role in the sustainable design process. It therefore deals with the questions: What material requirements must design and craftsmanship meet in order to be prepared for a sustainable future? What creative influence does the material have on the maker and his creativity?

Source & Copyright Cristina Celestino

Wood and Crafts - Evergreen or Trend?

One of the most basic working materials for design students is and remains wood. As a regenerative material whose diversity and aesthetics underlie many design classics, the demand for products made of wood is constantly increasing. Gregory Lacoua (Design Creative Director – Studio Gregory Lacoua) and the Japanese architect Taro Okabe explain the technical possibilities that wood has to offer these days using the example of the Hinoki. Hinoki wood is sacred in Japan and is considered extremely sensual. Japan in particular is a source of inspiration for European spirits in terms of craftsmanship and material science. In addition, it is certainly more modern than some would assume. Another point of discussion is therefore the importance of Japanese aesthetics for European modernism.

Vintage reissue and diversity find their place in the design

The lecture by Karin Gintz (France Director Vitra) deals with the question of which requirements should be met when a design icon is relaunched. Which creative visions deserve a "reissue" and what is the significance of the triad of technology, aesthetics and function in view of design history and market maturity. Keyword: Future vintage design.

Nathalie Degardin (Editor in Chief Intramuros) explores the female side of design in her presentation at Paris Design Week. Women in Design have spent over a year bringing together famous and unknown designers. Because they particularly stood out through their careers or work and have significantly shifted the creative boundaries of the predominantly male guild. From September, the collective will present a designer and her work every week.

Source & Copyright Roula Salamoun

Meta Sensible - Design in the Metaverse

One can argue about the meaning and sensibility in cyberspace and even more so about the behavior of virtual buyers in the metaverse. The discussions on this complex of topics at the Paris Design Week will address, among other things, the question: “What effects does digital retail have on our emotions and can virtual spaces be designed in a sustainable and attractive way?

The Paris Design Week Factory will conclude thematically with a roundtable on the subject of DATA collection, the digitization of our environment and its effects on urban living space. The talk is organized by the Institut Français du Design and attempts to explore the limits of interaction between people and data in an increasingly complex world from a poetic point of view.


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