Waste to Value: Recycling furniture gives old materials a new purpose

Whether made from used children's toys, coffee leftovers or orange peels - recycled furniture combines creativity with sustainability and functionality. Here we introduce you to all the benefits and the best brands

Recycled furniture
Source & Copyright by biohm

Author: Mona Kühlewind

Recycled raw materials meet sustainable production and innovative design ideas: The furniture industry is becoming more and more sustainable and is thus responding to society's increased environmental awareness. After all, conventional furniture has a significant ecological footprint from production to disposal, which contributes to global warming.

Furniture production requires large amounts of resources such as wood, metal or plastic. The high consumption of wood is particularly a problem because deforestation destroys valuable ecosystems and CO22-Storage and oxygen suppliers lost. The solution: recycling furniture that uses old resources in a new way. They give waste materials a second life and give every furnishing concept that special something.

What exactly is recycled furniture?

When old materials become new pieces of furniture, it is called recycled furniture. All recycled or reused materials such as used wood, metal, plastic or textiles serve as raw materials for recycled furniture. By reusing these raw materials, every recycled piece of furniture helps reduce the amount of waste while conserving valuable resources.

What benefits does recycling furniture offer?

From the unique design to the high sustainability factor: recycled furniture offers a whole range of advantages – both for us as customers and for the environment. They are:

  • Sustainable: Recycling furniture reduces the need to mine and process new raw materials, which both saves energy and reduces the impact on the environment.
  • Unique: Since recycled furniture is made from used materials, each piece has its own character and unique story.
  • Durable: Many recycled materials, such as wood or metal, are very durable. This means that recycled furniture often stays with us for a lifetime.
  • stylish: Whether made from colorful plastic scraps or shiny scrap metal – recycled furniture covers a variety of styles and designs. This makes it no problem finding pieces that match our personal interior style.

Source & Copyright by ecoBirdy

How does furnishing with recycled furniture work?

Recycled furniture offers a great opportunity to create a home that is not only sustainable, but also impresses with its distinctive style. The following tips can help when furnishing with recycled furniture:

1. Mix and match: Recycled furniture can be integrated into any living concept. The trick is simply to cleverly combine the different materials and styles. As a basis, choose a specific color, material or shape that can be found in both the recycled piece of furniture and the rest of your furnishings. This way you create a harmonious overall picture.

2. All eyes on me: Recycled furniture is often unique with a very individual life story. So leave the large stage to you and place it in the room as special accent pieces. For example, a cabinet made of recycled wood or a lamp made of recycled glass can become a special eye-catcher and at the same time tell a sustainable story.

3. Form follows function: No matter how beautiful a piece of furniture is, if it isn't functional, you won't be able to enjoy it. When selecting recycled furniture, it is therefore important to pay attention to comfort and functionality. It is best to test whether the piece of furniture meets your needs before purchasing. Only if it is comfortable for you to use will the interior piece remain a part of your home for a lifetime.

Which brands produce high-quality recycled furniture?

There are now numerous companies that combine home design with sustainable values ​​and produce high-quality and stylish recycled furniture. A variety of recycled materials such as waste wood, recycled plastic, scrap metal or even organic waste are used. It's worth browsing through online shops or local furniture stores that specialize in sustainable products and discovering your own individual favorite pieces.

Our top brands for recycled furniture:

Old materials rethought: We have curated an exclusive selection of brands for you, which covers a wide range of furnishing styles as well as different types of recycled furniture and inspires a sustainable living concept:

  • OHM Studio
  • Magis
  • biohm
  • ecoBirdy
  • Vepa
  • Frisoli design

1. OHM Studio

The sustainable furniture from OHM Studio is handmade in France. There are two brothers behind the brand, a trained carpenter and a graphic designer. Their know-how is reflected in the multifunctional design and high-quality workmanship of the furniture pieces. For example, their signature design “Pion” is made from recycled steel and can be used as a stool, bedside table or side table as needed.


Source & Copyright by OHM Studio

2. Magical

The Italian design company Magis combines aesthetics and ethics with its “Bell chair“. The chair not only scores points with its timeless look, but also with its sustainable production. It is made from recycled polypropylene, which is obtained from waste from Magis' own furniture production and waste from the regional automotive industry. Despite its light weight, the “Bell Chair” is extremely robust and durable. The patented material is 100% recyclable even at the end of its life cycle.


Source & Copyright by Magis

3. Biohm

London-based biotechnology and biomanufacturing startup Biohm is a pioneer in the research, development and manufacturing of natural materials for sustainable products made from waste and surplus resources. The elegant “Obscure” lampshades from Biohm are made from coffee grounds and orange peels in combination with a newly developed, biodegradable binding agent. At the end of their lifespan, the lampshades can even be composted.


Source & Copyright by biohm

4. ecoBirdy

Specialized in the production of children's furniture from recycled plastic toys ecoBirdy specialized. The sustainable products are environmentally and health-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic and can also be recycled. The design is so timelessly beautiful that it can continue to be used even beyond childhood. For example, the children's table “Luisa Table” can also be used perfectly as a small side table outside the playroom.


Source & Copyright by ecoBirdy

5. Vepa

The Dutch interior brand Vepa relies entirely on circular economy when producing its furniture. This means that no waste is created during production and residual materials are recycled as much as possible. For example, pressed steel scraps from our own factory are used to make the frame for the “Felt” chair. The backrest of the chair is also made from recycled PET bottles, which the company fishes from the Amsterdam canals together with the environmental organization Plastic Whale.


Source & Copyright by Vepa

6. Frisoli Design

Frisoli Design transforms former aerospace waste into extraordinary recycled furniture. The design firm combines Italian craftsmanship with technological innovations by processing the fragile composite materials from aerospace into unique pieces of furniture, creating a perfect fusion of sustainability, technology and aesthetics. For example, the futuristic “Invariants Coffee Table” was elaborately handcrafted from carbon fibers combined with aviation resins.


Source & Copyright by Frisoli design

Conclusion: Recycling furniture combines ethics with aesthetics

Recycled furniture is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live sustainably and design their home stylishly at the same time. Thanks to innovative brands like OHM Studio, Magis, Biohm, ecoBirdy, Vepa or Frisoli Design, it is easier than ever to find high-quality recycled furniture for every style and every budget. Anyone who chooses recycled furniture for their furnishings is not only making a contribution to protecting our planet, but is also making a stylish choice for the design of their home.


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