Easter decorations made by yourself and from fine natural materials

Decorate and give away for Easter. Modern design ideas that are stylish and durable. Easter decorations are made in-house or come from fine natural materials.

KPM Easter collection, standing eggs & CADRE vases in hand-painted wildflowers

The first warm rays of the sun come through the window panes. It's Easter, so it's time to decorate and design. There are a variety of modern ones Design ideas that are stylish and durable. You can do it yourself for the Easter decoration Nature serve as inspiration to the sustainable lifestyle also implemented in Easter. There are creative Easter decorations for a natural touch natural materials. Here are the best ideas.

The most beautiful Easter decoration ideas:

  1. More variety with porcelain Easter eggs
  2. Egg colors for Easter decoration from natural materials
  3. Zero-waste Easter baskets from wood and fine fabrics
  4. Creative homemade Easter decorations
  5. Inventive Easter presents without packaging
  6. Enjoy nature in spring


1. More variety with alternative porcelain Easter eggs

Now you can see them everywhere again: delicate flower branches covered with Easter eggs. The classic for Easter decorations made by yourself are certainly the self-blown eggs, hand-painted or colored. If you want a little more variety, you can also fold paper Easter eggs from book pages.

There is also the elegant alternative made of porcelain. For example from KPM: In honor of the 230th anniversary of Kurland, a limited heritage edition was exclusively launched this spring to promote species protection. Wild bees and flowers adorn the porcelain Easter eggs. The wild bee motif also decorates the KPM to-go mug, of which 20 euros each go towards species protection.

KPM Easter Days

Image source: KPM (Royal Porcelain Manufactory)

2. Egg colors for Easter decoration from natural materials

Home-made Easter decorations - there are already beautiful paint dispensers in your own kitchen. Spices, vegetables and tea. Turmeric, for example, produces a golden yellow, beetroot a strong red-violet and matte tea a delicate green color. Simply boil and color.

Easter decoration made of natural materials, Easter decoration homemade

3. Zero-waste Easter baskets

Searching and finding Easter baskets is a lot of fun. Baskets with natural materials are unique and durable. Branches can be used to make wonderful nests, which are then decorated with moss, feathers and delicate grasses. In addition, beautiful fabrics are a good alternative to Easter grass.

4. Creative homemade Easter decorations

The most beautiful Easter decoration can be easily designed with a few simple steps. For example, fold flowers, Easter bunnies or paper pendants. Tealight holders can also be redecorated into egg cups with feathers, for example. Or maybe decorate an Easter candle artistically with wax plates. Easter decorations made by yourself, there are no limits to creativity. The best thing is, a lot can be reused next year.

Easter decoration made of natural materials, Easter decoration homemade

5. Inventive Easter presents

Of course, a fair trade chocolate bunny or a few painted eggs are usually enough as an Easter greeting. But if you value a little more originality, you can, for example, give away a natural soap. This Easter gift can also be made by yourself, but if you want to make it a little easier, you can use the golden Easter egg from LUSH - the soaps glitter without microplastics, by the way. Easter biscuits and homemade jams are also a welcome change. A small flower pot also brings joy longer than cut flowers.

Easter decoration made of natural materials, Easter decoration homemade

Copyright and image source: LUSH Golden Egg Oil Bath Bomb without packaging

6. Enjoy nature in spring

The scent of spring is in the air. So it's best to spend time with the family outdoors in nature. A walk through the woods and collect natural handicraft materials. You can also relax on the freshly planted balcony or in the garden at home. The main thing is to consciously enjoy the time together, that is what makes springtime Easter so special.



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