Terrazzo - the designer scene's favorite for La Dolce Vita

Terrazzo is the new star of the international design scene. The colorful flooring exudes Mediterranean flair, ease and elegance. Get to know the zero-emission eye-catcher

Terrazzo natural material
Image Source & Copyright by Robin Grasby & altrock, terrazzo made from 90% recycled natural stones

The Terrazzo floor is the new trend of the designer scene. In addition to its characteristic appearance, which consists of many-colored rock fragments, the beautiful surface scores through innumerable design options.

Above all, the floor covering impresses with its outstanding eco-balance, since only natural materials are used for the production. Thanks to the latest processing technology, the Terrazzo trend is increasingly used in the furniture and design segment.

What is terrazzo floor?

Terrazzo floor is a two-layer, mineral composite material that is poured from a cement base, water or lime. Its special surface structure results from the addition of colored rock splinters. Originally, the flooring was invented in medieval Italy for the recovery of stone remains. Today, the exceptional cast floor is increasingly used due to its pleasing aesthetics and durability.

Manufacturing process

Like screed, a Terrazzo floor is cast by hand without joints or alternatively laid in the form of prefabricated tiles.The traditional production blends water, cement or lime with binders. Then, granular rock such as quartz, glass or metal pieces is added. To finish up, the mass is poured out and rolled in several layers.

After drying, the ground is sanded, revealing its true character. Depending on the subsequent surface treatment and sealing by wax or oil, a lustrous or matt appearance is achieved as desired. Hardened and sealed, it is also waterproof. Terrazzo specialists produce custom flooring according to the client's taste and budget.

Terrazo natural stones

Image source & copyright by Robin Grasby (production process Terrazzo for Milan Design Week)

Terrazzo floor and sustainability

Because of their durability and water resistance, terrazzo floors are a sustainable design option. If you want to live sustainably, you can use this product with a clear conscience. They are also easy to care for because they receive an individual patina through daily use and hardly wear out. Damaged areas can be repaired with little effort by grinding and polishing. Terrazzo is therefore used as an effective heat store in combination with underfloor heating. It is a resource-saving floor covering, primarily due to the possibility of processing residual materials such as recycled glass, porcelain or marble.

Cost of Terrazzo

The production costs for the jointless variant are more expensive than the cheaper tile variant due to the elaborate craftsmanship processing. Prior to the permanent use of a Terrazzo floor, the soil condition must be checked.

More than a building material

As a material, Terrazzo therefore offers unlimited color and material options. Depending on individual wishes, fragments of marble, quartz, glass or metal are added as decorative grain. Terrazzo is considered a new luxury in the world of design; due to its waterproof and hard-wearing properties, it is not only suitable as a floor covering for all rooms, but also for bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, stairs and walls.

A terrazzo floor is also poured using modern casting today in almost any shape. Therefore, we find the mosaic-like surface pattern as a living trend in the furniture and design segment in the form of tables, Lamps, worktops or tableware Even fabric prints for home textiles, fashion as well Jewelry is available in a terrazzo look.


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