Urban gardening ideas increase well-being in everyday life

In 2020, urban gardening ideas became an absolute trend. Natural gardeners promote their fun, well-being and environmental protection

Urban gardening ideas

Author: Katharina Healing

  • More and more people become a natural gardener and embellish their gardens as well as living spaces with plants
  • Gardening has a positive effect on the psyche
  • Trend and benefits through self-sufficiency

More and more people have discovered their passion for plants, but why is that? It turns out that plants can be much more than a hobby. The activities associated with gardening have a positive impact on people's psyche. A natural gardener is given a task for which he is responsible. Especially in the face of the corona crisis, many people started with urban gardening, which is why it has become a true trend.

Natural gardeners can cope well with crises

If you have plants and flowers, you can perceive them with all your senses and also gain mental strength. Because in addition to the countless colors and shapes they appear in, the nature of each plant is unique. Some plants are delicate and fragile, others are strong. Some flowering plants or fruit trees additionally scatter a lovely or fruity fragrance, which has a positive effect on our mood. Especially, in times of crisis, these attributes give strength and lightness, while the symbol of the root stands for security and steadfastness for the natural gardener. Here are our favorite plants for the home.

Urban gardening ideas for natural gardeners with little spaces

But even if you don't have much space in the garden or on the balcony, you can enjoy plants and new urban gardening ideas. A frame that can be attached to the wall offers space to hang many plants there. There are also pots that can be attached to the balcony railing or plant stands on which several plants can be placed. Additionally, there are many different types of plants for the home that are suitable for indoor use. These include, for example, cacti, succulents, or various ferns.

Environmental protection through self-sufficiency

Fine herbs directly from the balcony, salad from the garden or zucchini in the raised bed, that's not that difficult. Whether planted with seeds or a finished plant, anyone who has ever tried their own vegetables will never get back. Natural gardeners who specialize in the environment and pay attention to their ecological footprint also have the opportunity to compost. The biological waste from the household, such as banana peels or leaves, can be collected in a container and regularly dug up. The remaining nutrients that are still contained in the biological waste enrich the newly created earth. This is particularly suitable for useful or self-sufficient plants, since it contains no chemical substances.

Gardening thus becomes a sensible trend that is not only good for people, aspiring natural gardeners, but also for the environment.


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