Zaha Hadid Architects set new standards for Eco Architecture

Zaha Hadid Architects' BEEAH Headquarters: A symbol of architecture at the intersection of sustainability, technology and philanthropy 

Zaha Hadid Architects
Source & Copyright by Hufton + Crow | Zaha Hadid Architects

Author: Sidney Kadziolka

  • Zaha Hadid Architects launches the new "BEEAH Group" headquarters in the Al Sajaa Desert
  • The zero-emission headquarters is considered an innovative point of reference and a benchmark for the future design of sustainable workplaces
  • The architecture of the future is based on environmental protection and satisfaction through digitization

Zaha Hadid Architects has announced the completion of its latest project with the help of impressive drone footage. More specifically, the project is the headquarters of BEEEH Group, an environmental management company, in Al Sajaa Desert in Sharjah. After iconic architect Zaha Hadid designed the building in 2013 for her eponymous Architecture and design office was able to make decisions and managed it from 2014, successor Patrik Schumacher - as a result of her death - now appraised the completion of the headquarters.

With net zero emissions, the sustainable headquarters is a symbol of the mission that the architectural office has been pursuing and realizing since it was founded in 1980: environmental issues manage proactively through innovative design. Accordingly, it is no wonder that Zaha Hadid Architects was commissioned to design the headquarters, since BEEEH is also active in sustainable core areas such as renewable energies or recycling.

Inspired by nature: How the original becomes the model for the architecture of the future

origin of architecture and construction concept was the vision to design a building that adapts to the natural conditions of the environment. In the conception, the desert landscape of Al Sajaa, which was formed by the wind, served as inspiration and creative maxim. And was translated into a building that essentially consists of two "main dunes" by Zaha Hadid Architects in an artistic and future-oriented manner. Today, the 9.000 m² headquarters with its flowing, organic silhouette fits seamlessly into the natural structure of the sand dunes. The special feature: while the building visually reflects the topology of the desert, the Architecture due to their smart orientation as well as shape the local climatic conditions.

zaha hadid 3

Source & Copyright by Hufton + Crow | Zaha Hadid Architects

The two main dunes of the company's headquarters are connected by a central courtyard, the "oasis". However, besides its function as a simple connection between various offices of the public and administrative departments and the administrative area, it also has a less obvious, ecological function. It is a central part of the building's natural ventilation strategy.

How Zaha Hadid Architects promote sustainability through innovative technologies

As Zaha Hadid Architects and BEEEH share their sustainable focus, the design features technologically enabled, eco-friendly solutions. In short, the entire project integrates energy-efficient technologies, to set new standards for future jobs and other institutions. Among these energy-saving, or conserving, innovations are glass fiber reinforced panels to reduce heat, a filter to minimize water consumption, solar park for the power supply of the entire building and radiation-protecting glass facades.

The aim of these sustainable technologies is to operate with net zero emissions, i.e. emission-free, and with minimal energy consumption. And thus the platinum standard of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a classification system for ecological building of the US Green Building Council.

How employee experiences determine the future viability of companies

Another challenge that sustainable companies must consider is employee satisfaction. In order to achieve this, the BEEAH headquarters offers a variety of "Employee Experiences". These include contactless ways, the provision of a virtual concierge, smart conference rooms and a App, which automates day-to-day tasks. Also of particular note: the building's intelligent management system regulates the lighting and temperature of the office building depending on occupancy and time of day in order to guarantee comfort and efficient use of energy. And is therefore a symbol for the two main pillars of the project - Sustainability and digitization. Two factors that, when combined, have the potential to establish new standards for employee comfort, security and collaboration.

Zaha Hadid

Source & Copyright by Hufton + Crow | Zaha Hadid Architects

And how does it continue?

It is clear that many companies are not yet able to represent this standard. However, with their projects, Zaha Hadid Architects are creating more and more awareness of innovative approaches. Approaches that are at the interface of sustainability, Philanthropy and digitization. It is therefore important that companies realize that they have to research the productive connection between digitization and sustainability even with fewer resources. Only with this commitment can you find your own solutions to shape the future proactively and positively.


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