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The green, digital jungle: Buy houseplants online and don't miss out on sustainability

Buy houseplants online
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Indoor plants for a harmonious atmosphere

Green houseplants have been shown to have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the room. Even if the myth about an improved indoor climate through plants has been refuted, we often see ourselves looking for organic solutions, especially where there is little green. That is why indoor plants can also contribute to a creative, comfortable and effective atmosphere in offices. There are many advantages to buying houseplants online to find the right plants.

Why buy houseplants online

The Internet offers a huge variety of products and information. These become an advantage if you want to buy beautiful indoor plants online. Because when choosing plants, attention should be paid to the lighting conditions and the intensity of care, for example. With a plant guide, everyone can find the right plant for their home. In addition, when buying online, large plants or a large number of plants can also be easily transported home or to the office.

This is how it works: Find a dealer and order plants online

However, online ordering can quickly get a bitter aftertaste when you think about the consequences for the environment. It is therefore important at this point to find the right digital partners who are committed to sustainability. Bergamot, for example, is a particularly sustainable supplier.

For the flower and plant mail order company, protecting nature is a priority, because preservation is essential for healthy plants. The company therefore promotes cooperation with sustainable breeders who reduce or even avoid the use of pesticides, use optimized irrigation systems and minimize energy consumption. In addition, bergamot advocates transparency so that the origin of the plants can be traced. Here you can order plants online.

Which plant suits me?

But which plant is the most beautiful, which one suits the lighting conditions in mine Raum and how much maintenance is the plant? Size is also important, and so is plant growth. Not everyone has a green thumb, but there is also a suitable plant. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, here are our favorite plants for the home, office or home office.

Top 6 indoor and office plants

1. Monstera

If you are looking for a large houseplant, the tropical Monstera is very suitable. With its large leaves, the window leaf can grow up to 3 meters high and therefore needs a lot of space. The Monstera is currently the absolute trend plant and therefore belongs in every interior. However, it can be toxic to pets.

For whom: Beginner

Light: Light or partial shade

Care: Watering once a week

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2. Violin fig

The violin fig (Ficus lyrata) is currently particularly popular, and not without reason. It comes in different shapes and fills a room with its rich green. In addition, as a large plant, it is easy to care for, as it only needs to be watered once a week and less in winter. Warning this plant can be poisonous to animals.

For whom: Beginner

Light: Light or partial shade

Care: Watering once a week

Buy violin fig house plants online

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3. Efeutute

Whether hanging or on the windowsill, with the Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum / Golden Pothos) there are no limits to room design with plants! The Efeutute, also known as the golden tendril, is easy to care for and feels comfortable in darker rooms. Thus, this green houseplant is suitable in rooms with little sunlight. This plant can also be poisonous to pets.

For whom: Beginner to Advanced

Light: Light or partial shade, no direct sun

Care: Let the top layer of soil dry before watering

Order ivy houseplants online

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4. cactus

Cacti are the classic exotic among houseplants. If you want to be on the safe side and are on the road for longer, this is the right place for you. Because a cactus needs very little care and feels particularly good on a sunny windowsill. The cactus is not always prickly, many species even inspire with pretty little flowers.

For whom: Beginner, no green thumb required

Light: Hell, they love direct sun

care: Once a month

Buy cactus house plants online

5. Calathea orbifolia

With the Calathea plants, pets don't need to worry. Our favorite is the Calathea orbifolia with its large leaves in two shades of green. These plants need a little more care, however. The Calathea is well suited for those who like to pay a lot of attention to their plants.

For whom: Advanced

Light: Penumbra

Care: Water several times a week in spring and summer, otherwise wait until the surface is dry

Buy large houseplants online

6. Pilea

Because of its spacey appearance, the Pilea peperomioides is also called the UFO plant. Above all, it fits into modern living facilities and does not require a lot of maintenance. In addition, the plant can also be propagated well with cuttings and can be used in a vase with water as a flower substitute for even more green decoration.

For whom: Beginner to Advanced

Light: Bright, no direct sun

Care: Let the top layer of soil dry before watering

Source & copyright bergamot

Order houseplants online with ease

Bring a new flair into your own four walls with a plant. A plant enriches the living space and creates a cozy atmosphere. You can easily order our top 6 and other beautiful houseplants online.


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