Sustainable smartphone revolution: iPhone 15 vs. Fairphone 5

Sustainable smartphone revolution: iPhone 15 vs. Fairphone 5

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Author: House of Eden

  • Presentation of the latest models: iPhone 15 vs. Fairphone 5
  • Analysis of technology, sustainability and features
  • Critical look at the advantages and challenges of the products

On September 12th, Apple's latest model, the iPhone 15, was presented, while Fairphone presented its sustainable Fairphone 5. Both smartphones are equipped with outstanding features, but have different focuses.

Innovation meets sustainability: iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 surprises with a USB-C port, an adaptation to EU regulations to reduce electronic waste. Apple emphasizes its environmental initiatives and aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Still, the environmental costs of a phone upgrade are significant, and controversies surrounding raw material sourcing raise questions.

On the plus side, Apple uses recycled rare earths and recycled aluminum in all of the previous model's magnets. The supply chain should be completely converted to clean energy by 2030. But replacing an old smartphone also influences the environmental impact, especially since 79% of a phone's CO2 emissions come during production. Although the use of recycled materials is positive, eco-experts do not rate Apple products as particularly easy to repair. For example, the wireless headphones Airpods are one Disposable product, because they are hardly repairable.

Fairphone 5: A step into the sustainable future

The Fairphone 5 stands as perhaps the most sustainable phone in the world. Over 70% of materials are fair trade or recycled, and the company takes a climate-conscious approach. The Fairphone has a modular design, allowing users to replace broken parts themselves, a clear alternative to Apple's closed technology.

A special feature is the “fairest smartphone battery in the world,” and the device comes with a five-year warranty and eight years of software support. The Fairphone 5 is not only e-waste neutral, it also enables improvements in the living conditions of mining communities through “mineral credits”.

Comparison of the pros and cons

Both products have their advantages. While the iPhone 15 impresses with state-of-the-art technology and new features, the Fairphone 5 focuses on sustainability and ethical production. The Fairphone 5's modular design and supply chain transparency are clear advantages over the iPhone 15.

However, consumers also need to consider the higher environmental costs of an upgrade and the controversy surrounding Apple's raw material sourcing. Fairphone shows that ethical practices and transparency in the industry are possible and challenges other companies to follow suit.

And finally ...

Deciding between the iPhone 15 and the Fairphone 5 depends largely on the individual's priorities. Anyone who values ​​the latest technology and innovation will be impressed by the iPhone 15. However, anyone who prioritizes sustainability and ethical production will find in the Fairphone 5 a convincing alternative.

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