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We are the modern guide for a sustainable lifestyle. We cover topics related to style, living & design, food & travel and technology. With us you get all the important information for a sustainable lifestyle, with a claim for high quality and aesthetics. That is sustainable luxury. In our brand guide you will find exclusively selected brands that act responsibly and stand for positive change.


We bring the term “Sustainable Luxury” into the German-speaking area and redefine modern luxury. Values ​​such as longevity, high quality, craftsmanship and fairness are the new luxury of today. It is important to us that living sustainably does not mean sacrificing, but making better choices. That is why we are the platform for sustainable luxury.


Provides information on the latest trends, news and ideas about sustainable luxury. These include topics such as urbanization, green living, ethical fashion, sustainable tourism and digitization. We employ designers and experts who promote innovation and sustainability. Our readers get an insight into green tech and how research and industry jointly drive sustainable development.


Furnish stylish, modern and conscious

The URBAN LIVING we present classic and modern interior design as well as ideas for sustainable furnishing and exclusive eco design. Thereby, we show you how to choose high quality fabrics and natural materials in order to live pollutant-free and healthy. Trends of increasing urbanization, such as minimalist living, tiny houses, urban gardening and vertical farming are also featured.

Travel & eat with a clear conscience
The Food & Travel you can find out where the best organic restaurants and bio hotels are located around the globe. We show you green destinations that are the perfect luxury holiday or wellness oasis. Here, you will also find seasonal and regional gourmet cuisine away from the mainstream. We demonstrate how to reconcile sustainable tourism with a healthy way of living.

News and trends from exclusive brands
The latest trends in the fashion & luxury industry can be found at lifestyleterms like ethical gold, peace silk, vegan leather and upcycling are just some of the trend-setting buzz words that characterize the future luxury industry. Sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects for established brands. We show personalities and brands that encoruage the positive transformation of New Luxury.

Future trends in the context of technological change
TECHNOLOGY updates and informs you about the latest mega trends that promise to change our future. Digitization, industry 4.0, electro mobility and artificial intelligence are already parts of our everyday lives. Now, green technologies and aspects of the circular economy for sustainable management are becoming increasingly important.

Living sustainably without foregoing
A glossary and the latest news about climate protection can be found at SUSTAINABILITY Here, topics like zero waste, recycling, biodiversity or corporate social responsibility are explained. We show you how to reduce your ecological footprint while sustaining resources.


Here we present you exquisite products from exclusive brands that act responsibly.

Companies transparently show their positive commitments and how they contribute to sustaining the environment and changing society for the better. Many companies are already acting sustainably, by acting fairly, encouraging social change or abstaining from harmful substances. Here, you can explore which values ​​and stories are behind these brands.

Our sustainability criteria are derived from the UN Agenda 2030. Each value is simplified by means of an icon that illustrates which positive actions each company is pursuing.

Our brand guide creates transparency and connects conscious consumers with responsible brands that have values.

As a reader, you can search for products which precisely comply with the values ​​that matter to you. Here, you can find an overview of our sustainability criteria.