Case Study - How to Avoid Another Rana Plaza

After the deadly factory collapse in Dhaka in 2013, more than 200 brands signed the Bangladesh Accord, a legally binding safety pact. As the agreement expands internationally, BoF explores why it is widely regarded as the fashion industry's most effective safety campaign, how it can help brands meet new sustainability regulations, and what limits it […]

Ethical jewelry: A conversation with the founders of 202 EDITIONS

A combination of tradition and modernity in the design process, but the craftsmanship at the workbench is what fills the piece of jewelry with life and gives it value. Interview with Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen, founders of 202 EDITIONS

Winter can come with these brands for sustainable hats

Discover 10 sustainable hat brands that not only make a fashion statement, but also protect the environment

State of Fashion Technology Report 2022

This issue is part of a series published by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company to complement the annual State of Fashion Report. While the main report analyzes the changes that will shape the global fashion industry, the special edition focuses on specific sub-sectors, industries, regions and topics. In this issue, the […]

ELLEN MACARTHUR FOUNDATION - Cicular Business models

Circular business models represent a significant opportunity for new and better growth in the fashion industry. This study examines how companies can take full advantage of the economic and environmental opportunities and highlights those who are already taking action. Download report

BOF Sustainability Index 2022

The BoF Sustainability Index 2022 shows that efforts to sustainably transform the fashion industry, in line with global goals to mitigate climate change, have not yet gained sufficient momentum. Here is an overview of the sustainability efforts of the 30 largest publicly traded fashion companies in the luxury, sportswear and high street sectors. Download report

The State of Fashion 2023

The State of Fashion report by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company shares that the industry is heading for a global slowdown in 2023. Macroeconomic tensions, shattered consumer confidence and geopolitical conditions weighed heavily on the industry in the second half of the year. The report covers 10 topics affecting the industry and growth opportunities in the […]