IAA MOBILITY 2023: From Motor Show to Global Mobility Summit

IAA MOBILITY 2023 Munich: Future of sustainable mobility and technology

IAA Mobility
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Author: House of Eden

  • The IAA MOBILITY 2023: A bridge between start-ups, tech and car manufacturers
  • Focus on sustainability, innovation and connected mobility
  • Focus on new concepts for urban and rural transport

The IAA MOBILITY, which will take place at the Munich Exhibition Center and in downtown Munich between September 5th and 10th, 2023, clearly shows that the traditional automotive sector is changing. Numerous tech companies have announced their presence, with notably less traditional automakers taking the spotlight. Instead, there is a stronger focus on connecting start-ups, technology providers and traditional car manufacturers. The goal? To jointly pave the way to a networked and sustainable future of mobility.

Mobility in transformation

While in the past automakers were in the limelight, today tech companies dominate the stage. But it's not just about vehicles, it's about the entire mobility ecosystem. This ranges from innovative solutions for infrastructure and energy issues to e-mobility and urban and rural mobility.

The future of mobility

The main topics of the IAA MOBILITY 2023 include:

  • Connected Mobility: This year's topic highlights the interaction of different modes of transport and technologies and shows the potential of networked mobility.
  • Data & UX: In a world in which vehicles are increasingly becoming "smartphones on wheels", personalized experiences through big data, intelligent assistance systems and virtual reality are of central importance.
  • Urban & Rural Mobility: Urban planning, collective mobility approaches and services such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) define how we move in urban and rural environments.
  • Circular Economy & Sustainable Mobility: A central concern is the creation of sustainable mobility solutions, from electrification to innovative approaches to public transport.

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 will undoubtedly be a concept where not only the latest vehicle models but also revolutionary concepts for a more sustainable and connected mobility future will be presented.

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