Prada Group becomes part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Fashion Task Force

By joining the Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, the Prada Group is setting an example for sustainable transformations

Prada Fashion Task Force

Author: House of Eden

  • The Sustainable Markets Initiative Fashion Task Force was founded in 2021 to develop action-oriented solutions in the fashion industry.
  • The Prada Group is now joining the Fashion Task Force to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry.
  • The new accession marks a beginning for sustainable practices, but real change requires concrete implementation and action.

One key challenge is Sustainable Markets Initiative , introduced by King Charles III, welcomes an important new addition this year: the Italian luxury conglomerate Prada Group, and with it brands such as Miu Miu and Church's, is joining the so-called Fashion Task Force. Renowned brands such as Stella McCartney, Chloé and Gabriela Hearst are already members of the initiative.

What exactly is the Fashion Task Force?

Since its founding in 2021, the Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative has been intensively committed to the development of practical solutions in the fashion industry. One of their latest launches, for example, is a digital passport system designed to educate consumers about the sustainable aspects of their clothing. In addition, the Fashion Task Force is dedicated to finding sustainable practices in the area of ​​circular fashion. Federico Marchetti, Chairman of the Fashion Task Force emphasizes: "We are pleased to welcome the Prada Group and Lorenzo Bertelli to our action-oriented Fashion Task Force. Lorenzo and I share the same passion for customer focus and innovation, and Prada is a great fit for a cohesive one Group of leading brands striving for a common goal: fashion in harmony with nature”.

The Prada Group on the path to sustainable transformation

However, the Prada Group, known for its high-quality leather goods, still faces challenges on the path to sustainable transformation. Animal leather is considered to be particularly harmful to the environment due to animal husbandry and the subsequent chemical-contaminated tanning processes. In contrast to competitors such as Gucci or Stella McCartney, who already rely on vegan leather, Prada continues to use animal leather despite innovative materials such as re-nylon or recycled gold.

Joining the Fashion Task Force marks an important step for the Prada Group to support sustainable practices. Now it remains crucial to implement solutions in order to make further progress towards sustainability.

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