World Economic Forum 2024: Climate, war and AI in focus

The World Economic Forum in Davos aims to restore trust and discuss solutions to pressing global problems

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    • The climate crisis is considered one of the biggest risks and the WEF intends to discuss measures against climate change. At the same time, cooperation on global issues is seen as in need of improvement.
    • Challenges posed by artificial intelligence, in particular the threat posed by Chat GPT, as well as the discussion about the global war situation are on the agenda.
    • General issues such as the rising cost of living, job creation and the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic will also be discussed at the forum, with the question of leadership needed taking center stage.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will take place in Davos, Switzerland, from January 15th to 19th, 2024. Up to 2800 business people, politicians and scientists from 120 countries are expected at the meeting of the global economic and political elite, including 60 heads of state and government. The 54th edition of the World Economic Forum has the theme “Restoring Trust” and addresses the climate crisis, wars and artificial intelligence.

Fighting climate change together

Climate change is considered one of the greatest risks to humanity, especially in the long term. The Global Risk Report 2023 rated the climate crisis as the most significant threat for the next 10 years. The year 2023 was also recorded as the warmest year since weather records began. This has significant implications for perceptions of climate change. But also the goal of limiting global warming to below 1,5°C. At the World Economic Forum, decarbonization measures, geopolitical energy dependencies and the threat to health systems from climate change will be discussed.

Preventive actions and strategies are needed to address consequences such as extreme weather events, biodiversity loss, critical changes to Earth systems, ecosystem collapse and natural resource depletion. At the World Economic Forum, governments should develop concrete plans to develop actions for nature and climate protection and to achieve carbon neutrality. However, global cooperation on issues like this often leaves something to be desired. If a common path is agreed this time, the next question will be how to finance these plans. It still remains to be discussed to what extent countries should use private and public sources for climate protection.

War and AI as global challenges

In addition to climate change, topics such as the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) and global war situations will be discussed at the World Economic Forum.

The technological advancement of AI has emerged as a growing threat in recent months. Generative artificial intelligence, particularly Chat GPT, has rapidly become an influential tool on a global scale. ChatGPT founder Sam Altman will participate in a panel discussion about the challenges of AI.

The global war situation is also considered a major issue. The ongoing conflicts such as the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the conflict between the radical Islamic Hamas and Israel are covered. With the aim of developing containment and preventions.

General topics at the World Economic Forum

In addition to the main topics, the forum will also discuss topics such as the rising cost of living, job creation, bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU and the global economic situation. Approaches to solving political risks, the after-effects of the corona pandemic and growing debts are also in focus.

At the heart of all the topics to be discussed will also be the question: What kind of leadership is needed for this problem and who will take this position? In order to address global action to solve a problem, it is relevant to formulate an answer to this question in all areas of work and procedures.

High-profile personalities in Davos

A lot of prominent personalities are expected at this year's World Economic Forum. In addition to Swiss Federal President Viola Amherd and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang is also expected. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog will also be present and give lectures. Due to the wars in their countries, in addition to police forces, another 5000 army personnel are deployed in Davos.

World Economic Forum with the goal: “Restoring trust”

Taking into account the background of the issues mentioned and in order to promote collective action, building trust on three levels is crucial: in the common future, within societies and between nations. The fulfillment of this goal at the World Economic Forum remains to be seen and cannot be predicted.


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