enrico Cinzano


Designer furniture from recycled material

Local & low-emission production



Enrico Cinzano


The Star Designer defines true luxury as a non-toxic, nature-related and sustainable lifestyle. His works aim to reconcile elaborate design with nature. They combine functionality, aesthetic, longevity and local craftsmanship. Cinzano would like to remind people that handmade and high-quality furniture should be passend from generation to generation.

His designer pieces are unicums, inspired by nature and reflect the work of local craftsmen and natural materials. For the longevity of his products, he uses regional & recyclable materials such as wood, metal, glass and leather from all over the world. Quite often, Cinzano combs junkyards and factories for unexpected treasures.

With the help of local craftsmen, he creates artful and luxurious furniture. Each piece is handmade in Italy, the USA, the UK or China, thereby following high ethical and qualitative standards. He is currently constructing an entire house as efficiently and effectively as possible, whereby he intends to incorporate all aspects of nature.


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