Building a bridge between sustainable companies and conscious consumers is the core of our project. Many brands contribute to the preservation of our environment and we would like to highlight these commitments in order to create transparency. To us, sustainability does not mean to sacrifice on anything but to make the better choice.


Transparency and sustainability are key factors today for more trust and increased brand identification. Our guide membership highlights your sustainable activities and generates relevance among a growing group of buyers.


With our magazine you are always informed about lifestyle, living & design as well as trends around sustainability. We also show designer portraits, tips from the stars and expert interviews. We discuss current issues with social relevance in a critical and differentiated manner.


The world is now as rich as never before and many people live in a world where everything is abundant. This leads to a change in values ​​in which the true luxury of modern life is redefined. New Luxury stands for a new type of exclusivity, defined by quality, individuality, innovation and responsibility. Haus von Eden tells the stories behind the brands and thus conveys a new value.

Kodzia Edenharder

Is co-founder of Haus von Eden. She worked nationally and internationally in media & PR agencies, especially in the areas of monument protection, architecture & interior design and technology. She lived in London for a long time and is a strong communicator and visionary when it comes to sustainability.

Melodie Abdollahi

Is co-founder of Haus von Eden. She worked for large corporations in the areas of management consulting and strategic development. While living in China for a few years, she has gained in-depth expertise in industrial production practices. She is a strategist with philanthropic guiding principles.