Tidying up your closet: 7 tips for a sustainable closet cleanout

It's high time for some fashion spring cleaning! We reveal the best tips for anyone who wants to tidy up their wardrobe and reorganize it sustainably at the start of the new season.

Clean out your closet

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

Blouses, skirts and trousers are hanging in disarray, the stacks of T-shirts have long since collapsed and you can never find what you need - these are all clear warning signs that you are on the way to taking control of your wardrobe lose. A well-organized wardrobe is an essential, and not just for those who love order. It's the key to a stress-free morning, more conscious consumption and an unmistakable signature look. The closet cleanout can even be fun. You get a complete overview of your wardrobe and maybe even find a few favorite items that were long thought lost. We explain what benefits the wardrobe reset brings with it and what steps are needed to effectively clear out and rearrange your closet.

Why is cleaning out your closet important?

It's worth investing a little time and effort into the closet cleanout! Anyone who regularly cleans out their closet can ultimately look forward to numerous benefits. An organized wardrobe makes it easier to find the right clothes straight away, saves time getting dressed and helps you keep track of your wardrobe. Cleaning out your closet is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of clothes that are no longer worn or no longer fit. This not only creates space for new favorite pieces, but also helps you design your personal wardrobe more consciously and define your own style more clearly. Organizing your closet is also the perfect time to get one capsule wardrobe to put together. This means avoiding anything that is rarely worn. Instead, you concentrate on the basic pieces that fit your personality perfectly and can be combined with each other in a variety of ways.

Before getting started: Tricks for organizing your closet

Before you clean out your closet, it makes sense to think about how you basically want to organize your wardrobe. These tips and tricks can help make your wardrobe management easier in the long term:

  1. Sort carefully: Think about how you can organize your wardrobe in the most sensible way for you personally. For example, you can organize the items by color, type of garment, or occasion. What works best depends entirely on your individual habits and preferences.
  2. Invest in storage solutions: Create more storage space by equipping your wardrobe with storage boxes, hooks or shelves. These help to store clothing and accessories neatly and to make optimal use of the available space.
  3. Organize your wardrobe by season: To save space, you can also sort your clothes by season and only keep the current season in your closet. The remaining pieces are simply stored in the attic in vacuum bags or boxes.

Reset your Wardrobe: Next level tips for cleaning out your closet

Tidying up your closet Tip #1: Take your time!

If you want to clean out your closet, it's best to put an extra date in your calendar. After all, it's only possible to sort things out superficially. A thorough closet cleanout, however, takes enough time. Your favorite music or a podcast on your ears ensures that the fun factor is not neglected. It's even more fun to work through the contents of your closet with your best friend. Cleaning out is even quicker with two people!

Tidying up your closet tip #2: Make a mood board!

What is actually my personal style? Before cleaning out your closet, you should answer this question for yourself. To do this, create a Pinterest board or a classic mood board. This should consist of a balanced mix of fashion inspirations that fit your everyday look and those that reflect your dream outfits. This will give you a good feel for which pieces suit you perfectly and which no longer contribute to your individual aesthetic.

Tidying up your closet tip #3: Everything has to go!

Provide a clothes rail or create enough space on the floor or bed to completely clear out the contents of your closet and store them there. This will give you an idea of ​​how many items of clothing you actually own. If the cupboard is completely empty, this also offers the perfect opportunity to wipe it thoroughly and remove dust and lint from the shelves.

Tidying up your closet tip #4: Toss or take?

When cleaning out your closet, try on items you haven't worn in a while and try out different combinations with your signature pieces. You can rediscover old favorite pieces or finally get rid of things that don't fit well, are the wrong size or no longer fit your style. These three rules will help you get rid of unused clothing:

  1. Rule: Everything that no longer fits must go!
  2. Rule: The items that you haven't worn in a year are also sorted out. To keep track, you can use the following trick: Hang all the items you want to keep in the closet so that all the hangers point in the same direction. Once you've worn a piece, turn its hanger the other way. The items on the hangers that you haven't turned over within a year will ultimately be discarded.
  3. Rule: Use the KonMari method from the cleaning expert Marie Kondo at. To do this, pick up every single piece of clothing that you are unsure about whether to keep and ask yourself: Do I feel joy? Only if you can answer this question with yes can the item keep a place in your wardrobe.
  4. Rule: Can't really part with certain parts? Then this trick helps: Store the relevant items of clothing, well packaged, in the attic for a year. Everything you miss during this time can go back in the closet. The styles that have been forgotten will have to go after the deadline.

Source & Copyright by Karolina Grabowska | pexels.com & Sarah Dorweiler | unsplash.com

Clean out your closet tip #5: Find a repurpose

So that after clearing out the wardrobe, the items that are no longer worn remain in the cycle and can be used sustainably, it is important to find a new purpose for them. The following options are available:

  • Sell: All styles that are still in new condition or have only minimal defects are good to go Reselling platforms to sell.
  • Reinvent: Anyone who likes to be creative and has a gift for craftsmanship can use old clothing Upcycling give a new life. For example, old jeans can be converted into a trendy denim bag.
  • Give away: Do you have a friend who has had her eye on that sweater you've sorted out for a long time? Perfect! Then just give her the piece and make her happy with it.
  • Donate: Wearable, well-preserved items that you don't want to sell or give away can be donated to nonprofit organizations.
  • Dispose: Only if the clothing is already worn out and can no longer be used for anything else should you put it in the used clothing container.

Tidying up your wardrobe Tip #6: Cleverly stowed away 

To keep your closet organized and organized, it is essential to hang and lay your clothes correctly. Skirts, blouses and blazers can be placed on hangers. T-shirts or sweaters, however, should be folded. Pants and jeans can also be folded to save space and be stored clearly. The Japanese Marie Kondo, who became known for her book Magic Cleaning, has developed a folding technique in which the items of clothing are folded so that they are not stacked on top of each other, but rather stand next to each other as small rectangles. This means you can line them up neatly in boxes or drawers. Collapsed piles of clothes and wrinkled T-shirts are a thing of the past.

Tidying up your closet Tip #7: Keep things tidy

Once you've tidied up, it's time to keep your closet organized. With these tips, you can enjoy your newfound order and overview for a long time after you've cleared out your closet:

  1. Clean up regularly: It's best to take the time every time the season changes to rearrange and clear out your closet. In this way, you can sustainably prevent mess from occurring.
  2. Adhere to the one-year principle: Keep the one-year principle in mind and get rid of clothes that you haven't worn within 12 months.
  3. Keep the categories: Make sure you keep your clothes sorted by category and organized so you don't lose track.

Source & Copyright by Anastasia Shuraeva | pexels.com

Conclusion: The Closet Cleanout creates order and clarity

Cleaning out and organizing the closet not only provides a reset for our wardrobe, but also our mindset. By sorting out old clothes, we finally practice letting go. This process teaches us to set priorities and get rid of unnecessary baggage - not only in terms of clothing, but also in other areas of life.

Cleaning out your closet can also provide new inspiration for your own style. Getting rid of old clothes gives you the opportunity to rethink your clothing style and reinvent yourself. A freshly organized wardrobe can also inspire you to experiment more boldly and try out new looks.

With a tidy wardrobe you not only feel better, but you can also enjoy your clothes more consciously. When organizing your wardrobe, you should always keep long-term planning in mind. Ultimately, the goal is to build a wardrobe that is timeless and versatile so that you can buy new clothes less often. Taking a minimalist approach and only keeping the clothes you really love and need not only reduces clutter, but also encourages more conscious consumption.


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