Living room

Sustainable living en vogue: Trendy eco design and green living accessories combine luxury, value and awareness.


Unique accessories, craftsmanship, zero plastic


Fairtrade, no pesticides, no importers

Auli London

Contemporary Living, coconut oil wax, social engagement

Bell chair
Bell chair

100% Recycled Plastic, Italian Design, Smart Tech

costume by stefan

Dynamic, smart, recyclable

Enrico Cinzano
Enrico Cinzano Marone

Star Designer, Art Pieces, Local Crafts

form and refine
Form & Refine

Nordic design | Local craftsmanship | Social responsibility

Frisoli design

Recycling, aerospace waste, tech innovation

Little greene
Little Greene

Odor Free Paint, British Heritage, Recycled Paint Cans

nomad studio

Designer ethics, upcycling carpets, Indian craftsmanship

The Universal Soul Company
The Universal Soul Company

Soy wax candles, oil-based room sprays, without artificial fragrances


Natural materials, no middlemen, GOTS certified textiles 

WYE design

100% industrial upcycling, cradle-to-cradle approach, minimalist statement pieces

x chair
X chair

Berlin Brutal, Designer Piece, Recycled Material


Designer furniture made from organic and recycled materials, organic paints as well as wallpapers and home accessories made from natural textiles - this is how sustainable living works. And with our brand guide for responsible brands, implementing this trend is very easy. More and more brands are specializing in harmoniously bringing beauty, quality and sustainability together. You can find out what these are here.

Living sustainably with exquisite eco design

Green living and eco design are trend-setting keywords in the cosmos for sustainable living. It is about furniture that is high quality and durable to set an example against the throwaway mentality. In addition, innovative manufacturing processes such as upcycling to promote sustainability and the circular economy and ethical working conditions to support local artisans worldwide. Because brands combine these commitments with exquisite design, they are the perfect choice for a stylish living room upgrade in the style of sustainable living.

The conscious design of the living space can harmonize people and the environment with each other. Since sustainable furniture not only scores in terms of design and functionality, but is also made fairly and environmentally friendly, it offers holistic comfort. Add an organic scented candle to activate all your senses and your Feng Shui living room awaits you full of relaxation and accents to promote wellbeing.

Feng Shui, ethics, design - no problem for brands for sustainable living

In addition to the advantages of aesthetics, quality and a sense of responsibility, sustainable living also inspires with exciting stories of origin. Award-winning designer pieces made from recycled toys or aerospace waste, traditionally turned porcelain or fair trade products that support development in emerging countries combine sustainability, innovation and ethics. Since all the exquisite brands of our guide harmonize these modern luxury values, every Schöngeist will find their Brands To Watch here!

Surprisingly, creatively and uncompromisingly environmentally friendly, our brand guide shows how sustainable living meets modern values. With a clear conscience, they can create living space for the here and now and for future generations and increase their well-being day by day.