Sustainable home accessories | 100% wool from South Tyrolean sheep farming | Minimalism

Slowli Concept represents an environmentally friendly and locally oriented approach to furniture production. The products are made of solid wood, ceramics, leaves and wool from sheep from South Tyrol and are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner. The high adaptability and durability also ensure a high level of sustainability.


Bench Slowli Concept
Slowli Concept blanket


Slowli Concept relies on the use of sustainable materials, the participation of socially disadvantaged people and the minimalist design of furniture and accessories.

Sustainable materials

The company uses solid wood for its furniture, particularly spruce and pine. The company also relies on handmade ceramics because they are considered free of harmful substances and also consist of natural raw materials. In addition to wood and ceramics, the online concept store also uses virgin wool from species-appropriately raised South Tyrolean sheep. After shearing, it is washed, spun into yarn and then processed into pillows or blankets. Furnishing items are also made from leaves: The LAAB lamp series from the design studio MIYUCA includes lamps made from leaves, which are created through the use of biological resins and natural binders.

Transparency and craftsmanship

While the ceramic accessories come from a South Tyrolean ceramic artist named Roberto Pallestrong, Jasmin Castagnaro from the design studio MIYUCA creates the lamps from leaves, also by hand. The wooden furniture also comes from a local South Tyrolean carpentry shop. Some rugs and cushions are made by people with disabilities. The company therefore also wants to do justice to social sustainability and, above all, transparency.

High adaptability

The furniture is characterized by a high degree of adaptability and minimalism. Their modular design also ensures a high level of flexibility in the use of the products. This means they can be combined in many different ways and used in different rooms. Because of the subtle colors, the products can easily find a new place in the home even after years. This prevents new purchases and saves valuable resources in the long term.

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