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The future is green tech

All news regarding innovation and the megatrends of digitization. Particularly popular: Green tech. These sustainable inventions combine the continuous technical progress of our society with the urgent need for positive actions to protect the environment.

Forward-looking technologies and trends

Smart home or shared mobility - the buzzword green technology bundles a multitude of innovations that offer practical and environmentally-related solutions. Because innovations should react to real needs, the needs of future generations for an intact environment must also be taken into account. In addition to aesthetics and functionality, sustainability also stands at the cutting edge for clean tech.

Technology presents experts in digitization and green technologies, shows their know-how and discusses megatrends from different perspectives. Plus all the news about innovations and green tech. Be it an electric luxury electric car or artificial intelligence - here you will find exclusive insights into the future-oriented world of green technologies. Or notice that you're part of it. Home gardening, car sharing or stylish wooden tablet holders are green technologies with a positive environmental balance.

Live sustainably through innovation

The aspect of the circular economy is particularly important when it comes to clean tech. Whether Industry 4.0 or cell phone covers made of environmentally friendly materials - The entire life cycle of a product is taken into account in order to close energy and material cycles. For example, recyclable green tech gadgets or energy savings at the push of a button with smart technologies are no longer just sophisticated everyday helpers. They are advocates for the environment. A positive side effect: green technologies made from natural materials are healthier than their synthetic predecessors.

In addition to tips and product recommendations for your personal clean tech experience, you are always one step ahead of the present with our tech cosmos. After all, only those who know that innovation for sustainable progress must also be thought up sustainably, can drive positive change. Stay up to date and rediscover how green technologies are redefining the luxury segment of digitization every day.