Sustainable iPhone cases: protection for our cell phones and our planet

The Conscious Choice: Sustainable iPhone cases protect our smartphone and the environment from damage. Here we have curated the best sustainable brands for you

Sustainable iPhone cases
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The cell phone is our constant companion these days. The iPhone from Apple is particularly popular because of its technical features and clean design. In the 2023 financial year alone, Apple was able to The report of Statista around 223,4 million iPhones sold worldwide. It is very likely that the majority of these buyers also have a suitable one Phone Case Bought for your device to protect the valuable gadget from bumps and knocks. But what protects the cell phone from minor scratches can, on the other hand, cause major damage to the environment.

Why sustainable iPhone cases?

In general, it is a good idea in terms of sustainability to protect your iPhone with a case to extend the life cycle of the cell phone. However, most conventional iPhone cases available on the market are currently made from new, non-recycled raw materials. Plastic is usually used in the production of cell phone cases, a material that poses a significant burden on the environment both in production and in disposal. After all, the production of plastic requires a large amount of petroleum, a non-renewable one Resource, and releases harmful gases that contribute to global warming. When disposed of, plastic decomposes very slowly and can therefore remain in the environment for many years.

In contrast, iPhone cases have a fairly short lifespan when in use. This ends after a few years at the latest when a newer iPhone model is purchased. However, the shelf life of cell phone cases is usually even shorter, as the majority of products on the market are available for just a few euros and are therefore of inferior quality. Poorly manufactured cell phone cases not only end up in the trash more quickly, but often do not offer sufficient protection for the sensitive cell phone.

For these reasons, we should invest in high-quality, sustainable iPhone cases to ensure that our mobile phones remain intact and perfectly protected from the wear and tear of everyday use.

Source & Copyright by Native Union Paris

What makes sustainable iPhone cases?

Sustainable iPhone cases ensure that neither our smartphone nor nature is harmed. They are extremely robust, durable and manufactured to a high quality. Unlike many conventional models, sustainable iPhone cases do not show the first signs of wear after just a few months of use. They are also easy to clean and reliably protect the cell phone from damage.

In addition, sustainable iPhone cases are made from environmentally friendly materials that can be biodegraded or recycled. In addition, they are just as functional and fashionable as conventional cell phone cases, so you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort when choosing them.

What materials are sustainable iPhone cases made of?

Whether recycled plastics, plant fibers or rapidly renewable raw materials - sustainable iPhone cases are made from a variety of environmentally friendly materials that aim to minimize the ecological footprint and conserve resources. Here is an overview of popular materials for sustainable cell phone cases and their benefits:

  • bamboo and cork are renewable raw materials. This means that the bamboo plants and trees do not have to be replanted after harvesting, but simply continue to grow. These materials are not only robust, but also compostable at the end of their lifespan.
  • Bio plastics are biodegradable and do not use fossil resources such as petroleum. They can be made from various raw materials, such as corn starch, plant fibers or wheat straw.
  • Recycled plastics offer a good opportunity to reuse existing plastic and thus reduce the amount of new plastic produced. A wide variety of types of plastic waste serve as the starting material - from old fishing nets to used plastic bottles to discarded CDs.

Source & Copyright by Change.

Which brands offer sustainable iPhone cases?

Both established brands such as the iPhone manufacturer Apple, as well as smaller labels now offer high-quality and sustainable iPhone cases. We have curated 15 brands for you that skilfully combine protection, style and sustainability.

Top 15 brands for sustainable iPhone cases

  1. Apple
  2. Pela
  3. a good company
  4. Woodcessories
  5. EcoBlvd
  6. Wave
  7. nimble
  8. Native Union Paris
  9. MMore
  10. popsicase
  11. changement.
  12. Caseable
  13. Nudient
  14. hold
  15. Carved

1. Apple

The iPhone manufacturer itself has replaced its conventional leather cases with the new “FineWoven” cell phone cases. The new sustainable iPhone cases from Apple  are made from an innovative textile that is made from 68% recycled material. The “FineWoven” cases are available for the iPhone 15 and score points with one Suede-like feel. Compared to real leather, they have a significantly lower CO2 during production2-footprint on.

Company location: USA

Materials: Fine woven microtwill made from 68% recycled fibers

Special benefit: With magnetic MagSafe technology for a perfect fit of the case and simplified charging

Source & Copyright by Apple

2. Pela

One of the best-known providers of sustainable iPhone cases Pela. The American brand specializes in biodegradable, fully compostable cell phone cases made from flax straw. Pela's phone cases not only impress with an extremely large selection of designs, but can even be personalized with your own photos if desired. Top: The brand donates part of its sales to non-profit environmental organizations.

Company location: USA

Materials: Flax straw

Special benefit: Customizable designs

Source & Copyright by Pela

3. a good company

Whether in a clean design or with artistic decor – the sustainable iPhone cases from a good company from Stockholm score points with their longevity and stylish look. They are made from the waste products of the regionally grown linseed plant and are 100% biodegradable. The company also plants a tree for every product sold. This is how the brand manages it, CO2-to act negatively, that is, to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than to emit.

Company location: Sweden

Materials: Waste products from the linseed plant

Special benefit: CO2-negative company

Source & Copyright by agood company

4. Woodcessories

Relies on pure nature Woodcessories. Whether wood, compostable organic materials made from wheat and straw residues or slate and quartzite - the German brand only uses natural materials for its sustainable iPhone cases. This makes each product unique and can be complemented with matching chains and cords for an even more individual touch. For a balanced CO2-Woodcesssories plants a tree for every product sold.

Company location: Germany

Materials: Sustainably cultivated wood, compostable organic materials made from wheat and straw residues, slate, quartzite

Special benefit: Plant a tree for every product sold

Source & Copyright by Woodcessories

5. EcoBlvd

Sustainability meets style: EcoBlvd offers sustainable iPhone cases with trendy designs that are 100% compostable. The company only uses plant-based bioplastics, such as: B. InnoMaize™ made from corn starch and corn sugar and CornBo™ made from bamboo and plant fibers. We can also purchase matching chargers made of wood. And to close the product cycle, the brand, which is a member of the 1% for the Planet initiative, even offers a free recycling service for its products.

Company location: USA

Materials: Compostable plant-based bioplastics, such as: B. InnoMaize ™ made from corn starch and corn sugar and CornBo ™ made from bamboo and plant fibers

Special benefit: Free recycling service

Source & Copyright by EcoBlvd

6. Wave

The British Brand Wave has already caused a wave of enthusiasm in her home country with her trendy and sustainable iPhone cases. Inspired by their hometown on the coast of England, which is extremely affected by plastic pollution, the founders use biodegradable wheat straw to produce their Wave Cases. Wave also supports organizations such as Surfers Against Sewage in the fight against single-use plastic and is a member of the 1% for the Planet initiative.

Company location: UK

Materials: wheat straw

Special benefit: Support for Surfers Against Sewage

Source & Copyright by Wave

7. Nimble

Re-Play is the motto of the US brand Nimble. For their sustainable iPhone cases, the company uses, among other things, old CDs and DVDs. These are mostly made of polycarbonate – an extremely durable and recyclable plastic. The discs are cleaned using specialized methods and processed into new, high-quality material that is particularly scratch-resistant and resistant to yellowing. There is also a two-year guarantee and a free return ticket for old products.

Company location: USA

Materials: Recycled CDs, DVDs or water bottles

Special benefit: 2 years warranty

Source & Copyright by Nimble

8. Native Union Paris

The sustainable iPhone cases impress with their cool design Native Union Paris. The French brand uses 100% recycled PCTG plastic, recycled thermoplastics and plant-based imitation leather to produce its sustainable mobile phone cases. With the cases made of imitation leather, a small wallet can be added to the back using a magnetic holder, similar to the original Apple case.

Company location: France

Materials: 100% recycled PCTG plastic as well as recycled thermoplastics (TPU), plant-based leather

Special benefit: Matching wallet with magnetic holder

Source & Copyright by Native Union Paris

9. MMore

Wood, coffee, flower petals – no brand is as creative when it comes to choosing their materials MMore. The Slovenian company draws on nature's bounty for its sustainable iPhone cases. A special highlight is the case with hand-picked lavender flowers. This sprays a calming scent every time you pick up your cell phone. In addition, due to the unique nature of the materials, each MMore product is unique.

Company location: Slovenia

Materials: Wood, organic materials such as coffee or flower petals

Special benefit: Cases were allowed to taste coffee or lavender

Source & Copyright by MMore

10. Popsicase

Every phone case from popsicase is made from 2 square meters of discarded fishing nets and 20 g of aluminum scrap. Both materials can be recycled again at the end of the phone case's life cycle, in keeping with the circular economy. Practical: The sustainable iPhone cases from the Barcelona brand have an integrated handle on the back, which ensures that the cell phone fits perfectly in the hand when taking selfies etc.

Company location: Spain

Materials: Recycled fishing nets and aluminum

Special benefit: Integrated handle for better grip

Source & Copyright by Popsicase


Social, stylish and sustainable: this is how mobile phone cases from Change. describe in three words. The German label produces sustainable iPhone cases and matching cell phone chains made from bioplastics based on plant starch and agricultural straw and wheat residues. Together with the filia women's foundation, the brand also supports projects by and for women and girls.

Company location: Germany

Materials: Plant starch and agricultural straw and wheat residues.

Special benefit: female empowerment

Source & Copyright by Change.

12. Caseable

The sustainable iPhone cases from are simple and beautiful Caseable. The German brand produces its eco-cases from compostable plant-based bioplastics such as corn starch and bamboo. Their soft nature makes them particularly easy to attach to the cell phone and is easy to clean. And the label also has a sustainable impact beyond that, because it even produces its own solar power.

Company location: Germany

Materials: Compostable plant-based bioplastics

Special benefit: Flexibility and long durability

Source & Copyright by Caseable

13. Nudient

This is where Scandinavian design meets sustainability: Nudient is a Swedish company that produces sustainable iPhone cases made from 100% GRS-certified recycled plastic. The cases are ultra thin for the perfect fit and super light, but still offer perfect protection against scratches and drops. The brand works with the organization Tide, which wants to improve plastic pollution in the oceans. For every cell phone case sold by NUDIENT, a plastic bottle is recovered from the sea.

Company location: Sweden

Materials: GRS certified recycled plastic

Special benefit: Very thin and light

Source & Copyright by Nudient

14. Holdite

With the new Wavy collection, the Swedish brand unites Holds Cuteness and Consciousness. The sustainable iPhone cases are made from 100% recycled thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC). The cute wave design of the cases not only ensures a trendy look, but also guarantees that the cell phone cases fit perfectly in the hand. These are available in different designs and colors, so there is something for every taste.

Company location: Sweden

Materials:  recycled TPU/PC

Special benefit: perfect grip thanks to wave design

Source & Copyright by Holdit

15. Carved

Wood in its most beautiful form! The American label Carved produces iPhone cases from sustainably cultivated wood, old wood stocks and burls (growths on trees). The products are elaborately handcrafted in Elkhart, Indiana. By using naturally grown raw materials, each case is unique.

Company location: USA

Materials: Sustainably cultivated wood, old wood stocks, burls

Special benefit: manual work

Source & Copyright by Carved

Conclusion: Sustainable iPhone cases ensure a sustainable impact with style

Functional and stylish: Sustainable iPhone cases offer the perfect way to protect our iPhone and the environment at the same time. When choosing your phone case, look for high quality and environmentally friendly materials that are either biodegradable or easy to recycle. With the wide range of brands now offering sustainable iPhone cases, it's easy to find a sustainable iPhone case that fits your style and values ​​perfectly.


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