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Verena von Eschenbach presents ethical cashmere fashion made from pure wool from cashmere goats, baby camels and yaks. These natural fibers are processed 100% ecologically, which is guaranteed by the personal partnership with carefully selected cashmere producers in Mongolia. The collections are handcrafted locally with a big devotion to tradition and nature and offer a luxurious wearing experience.


Verena von Eschenbach
Verena von Eschenbach

Verena von Eschenbach - SUSTAINABILITY

Verena von Eschenbach produces knitted clothing, blankets, shawls and scarves made from 100% cashmere, yak and baby camel wool. The company focuses on animal-friendly wool extraction, environmentally friendly processing and fair treatment of everyone involved in the supply chain.

Responsible treatment of animals and nature

In order to obtain the wool from the Kashmir goats, yak cattle and camels, the animals are combed out as part of the annual hair change. This raw wool then undergoes an environmentally friendly cleaning process, followed by a carding process that unravels the fibers. The wool is then gently dried to preserve its natural properties. The resulting fibers are then processed into yarns. This process guarantees that the untreated nature of the wool is preserved.

Fair cashmere processing and value creation

The blankets, shawls and scarves are created through artistic weaving in Kathmandu, Nepal, while the knitted models are made by traditional craftsmen in Ulaan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia. Nomads and craftsmen receive fair remuneration for their work and maintain a close relationship with the founder, who regularly pays personal visits to the region. These close connections not only contribute to the preservation of the local weaving tradition, but also strengthen mutual cooperation, thus creating a bridge between tradition and modernity.

Pure cashmere wool without chemicals

All products are made from 100% cashmere, yak or baby camel wool and are obtained naturally without chemicals. Azo-free color pigments are used for the coloring, with the dyeing water being neutralized and returned to the environment. The cotton labels are also embroidered and meet the Ökotex Standard 100 requirements. The hang tag is made from recycled paper, while the cord is made from certified cotton. The products are delivered in a natural linen bag from Latvia. The company has also been paying attention to reducing its plastic consumption for 10 years and makes it important that the goods only act as cargo on the plane.

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