100% German organic natural leather | Made in Germany | Fair pay

Alexandra Svendsen specializes in the production of handmade leather goods and accessories that are produced ecologically and sustainably in Germany. The brand places great value on transparency and responsible suppliers. Their colorful designs are certified organic and are manufactured under fair conditions in Germany.


Alexandra Svendsen bag
Alexandra Svendsen

Alexandra Svendsen - SUSTAINABILITY

The company produces handcrafted leather goods from Germany and emphasizes their commitment to sustainability through their environmentally friendly processed products. The collection includes colorful and timeless bags, wallets and accessories.

Sustainable materials

The leather of the products comes from multi-certified cowhide from Germany. From 2021, the company also began using PET yarn from German suppliers. This yarn is made from recycled PET bottles and is certified according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The lining materials are also sustainably sourced from companies in Baden-Württemberg.

Leather from the foothills of the Alps

The wallets, bags and accessories are made of leather from the foothills of the Alps and are a by-product of meat production. This ensures that no animals have to suffer simply for the leather production. This is then followed by an environmentally friendly processing process: the leather is vegetable tanned with tara, valonea and rhubarb and then dyed without harmful heavy metals. In addition, the leather used is both IVN and ECARF certified. These certificates confirm the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing process and the allergy-friendliness of the products.

Acting responsibly

The company sets an important example of sustainability, especially in the use of leather through conscientious processing. Not only ecological but also social sustainability is important: the entire supply chain is transparent and traceable, so that everyone involved receives a fair wage for their work. In addition, Alexandra Svendsen is nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2024, which further underlines the company's sustainable practices.

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