Flexible, functional, fashionable: Adjustable sizing sets new fashion standards

One size fits all! We explain why adjustable sizing should be the new norm for sustainability and show our top 10 brands for variable fits

Adjustable sizing
Source & Copyright by Ester Manas

Author: Julia Schindler

What if our favorite jeans fit perfectly for a lifetime? According to a study by Rakuten Fits Me, a fit tool that helps online shoppers find their perfect size, the average woman changes her clothing size 31 times throughout her adult life. For men there are at least 24 times. Every time our body and therefore our clothing size changes, we have to adapt our clothing to it and, in the worst case scenario, get a completely new wardrobe. But what if there were clothes that we don't have to adapt to, but that adapt to us and our bodies? Adjustabe Sizing provides a solution that perfectly combines flexibility and functionality and could be the future for a more sustainable fashion world.

What is meant by adjustable sizing?

The term adjustable sizing describes the possibility of designing clothing items so that they can be flexibly adapted to different body shapes and sizes. This effect can be achieved through different methods, such as the use of elastic bands, adjustable cords, interchangeable parts or innovative cutting techniques. The goal of Adjustable Sizing is to appeal to as many people as possible with a single item of clothing and to achieve perfect fit and comfort for different body types.

What is the difference between Adjustable Sizing and Size-Inclusive?

Both concepts help make fashion more inclusive and accessible to more people. Size-inclusive brands Their collections cover a wide range of clothing sizes, from particularly small to very large sizes. The aim of size-inclusive fashion is that no customer is excluded from wearing clothing because of his or her size.

Adjustable Sizing also pursues this inclusive aspect, but goes one step further. While the collections of size-inclusive brands continue to be based on standardized clothing sizes, adjustable-sizing brands have moved away from standardized fits. Their concept relies on a single garment to fit a wider range of body shapes. This results in numerous other benefits in addition to participation.

Source & Copyright by Ganni

What are the benefits of adjustable sizing?

One size fits all! Adjustable sizing helps make fashion more versatile, sustainable and comfortable, and offers a whole range of practical benefits.

  • Shape: Adjustable sizing allows garments to be individually adapted to different body shapes and sizes. This makes it easier for people who don't fit the standardized clothing sizes to find clothes that fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear.
  • Sustainability: Came to stay! Thanks to adjustable sizing, clothing adapts to our bodies and our needs in all situations. This extends their useful life enormously, which leads to fewer new purchases and a reduction in the associated environmental impact.
    The ability to flexibly adjust the size of the garment also plays an important role in reducing Returns of online orders and the associated emissions from transport. Loud The report of Statista The most common reason for returns is that the items ordered did not fit. Thanks to adjustable sizing, this reason could be completely eliminated.
  • Inclusion: Adjustable Sizing puts an end to sorting people into drawers based on their clothing size! Adjustable sizing mode is accessible to everyone and therefore promotes one more inclusive Fashion world without frustration in the dressing room.
  • Flexibility: Nothing is constant in life except change. Adjustable Sizing takes this fact into account and allows us to buy clothing that not only fits our current body shape, but can also be adapted to future changes in our body, such as pregnancy or other weight fluctuations.

Top 10 Brands for Adjustable Sizing

Tailored for everyone! We have put together an exclusive selection of 10 brands for you that have mastered the art of adjustment to perfection and are considered pioneers in the field of flexible fit:

  1. Good american
  2. E Stott
  3. Ester Manas
  4. Universal Standard
  5. better
  6. LilaBare
  7. Mara Hoffman
  8. Ganni
  9. Chopova Lowena
  10. Ruben Jurrien

1. Good American

From women for women – the US brand Good American scores with its innovative “one-size-fits-four” Jeansthat hug the female curves perfectly. The mix of stretchy materials, clever cutting techniques and additional integrated button placket, through which the denims can be quickly made tighter or wider if necessary, enables a single jeans size to cover four different clothing sizes and to adapt flexibly to different body shapes.

Company location: USA

Special benefits: B Corp Certified

Where to buy: goodamerican.com

Source & Copyright by Good American

2. E Stott

The British brand E Stott has set itself the task of creating timelessly beautiful, elegant fashion that accompanies us throughout our lives. Each design is made with an extra inch of seam allowance so that the fabric can be left out if necessary, thereby enlarging the garment. The brand also uses residual materials that are produced during the production of the collections of conventional luxury brands in order to reduce the ecological footprint without having to forego quality.

Company location: Great Britain

Special benefits: Bespoke service for made-to-measure products

Where to buy: estott.co.uk

Source & Copyright by E Stott

3. Esther Manas

Fierce, bold, sexy & inclusive – the French brand Ester Manas celebrates every woman and every figure and is considered a pioneer of adjustable sizing. Founded in 2019 by Ester Manas and Balthazar Delepierre, the label designs empowering collections for strong women. Whether flexible knitting or skilful ruffles - through the use of elastic materials and adjustable elements, Ester Manas ensures that everyone - regardless of clothing size and body shape - feels comfortable in her outfits.

Company location: France

Special benefits: H&M Design Award, LVMH Prize and ANDAM Prize

Where to buy: estermanas.com

Source & Copyright by Ester Manas

4. Universal Standard

Universal Standard sets new size standards! At the American brand, one size covers three conventional clothing sizes. From sizes 32 to 52, Universal Standard offers a wide range of clothing, thanks to which every woman can find the perfect match. The brand even goes one step further with the Fit Liberty concept: If the item of clothing you purchased no longer fits after a year, Universal Standard offers a free exchange. Bad purchases are now a thing of the past at Universal Standard.

Company location: USA

Special benefits: Fit-Liberty – free exchange if size is changed

Where to buy: universalstandard.com

Source & Copyright by Universal Standard

5. Better

Bettter, founded by the former fashion director of Vogue Ukraine, Julie Pelipas, offers an exciting range of upcycled vintage styles that fit at least two classic clothing sizes thanks to oversize cuts and elastic inserts. Each vintage piece is reworked by hand in our own studio in Portugal so that it impresses with its modern design, highest quality and a flexible and comfortable fit and serves as a stylish companion in every situation - from a party to a business appointment.

Company location: Portugal

Special benefits: LVMH Prize finalist and winner of the Leaders of Change awards

Where to buy: better.us

Source & Copyright by Better

6. LilaBare

Pure nature! The African brand LilaBare relies on purely natural, locally available materials to produce its collections. When it comes to designs, founder Ria Ana Sejpal pays attention to gender-neutral cuts with an adjustable fit, so that each piece adapts flexibly to different body shapes. They also promote sustainability and social justice through fair wages for local craftsmen and transparent supply chains.

Company location: Kenya

Special benefits: Naturally colored and completely compostable

Where to buy: lilabare.com

Source & Copyright by LilaBare

7.Mara Hoffman

Sophisticated cuts, eye-catching patterns and handmade details that give each garment a unique touch - the American label Mara Hoffman is characterized by special designs and a sustainable approach. The brand offers a diverse range of size options that can be flexibly adapted to different body shapes. By using high-quality materials and careful workmanship, Mara Hoffman creates clothing that is not only stylish but also functional.

Company location: USA

Special benefits: CFDA Fashion Award for Environmental Sustainability

Where to buy: marahoffman.com

Source & Copyright by Mara Hoffman

8. Ganni

Sustainable Scandi style for everyone: No matter whether size 32 or 52 - the Danish brand Ganni relies on an expanded size range and offers many customizable options for its designs. From elastic smock details to stretchy materials to wide-fitting cuts, Ganni relies on creative solutions to make the collection wearable for a wide range of body types without having to compromise on design. High-quality materials and a contemporary yet timeless style guarantee that every Ganni piece is an all-time favorite that underlines our personal style.

Company location: Thank you market

Special benefits: B Corp Certified

Where to buy: ganni.com

Source & Copyright by Ganni

9. Chopova Lowena

Adjustable Sizing combines the British brand Chopova Lowena with a mix of folklore, sportswear and rock'n'roll. By integrating traditional craftsmanship, the label creates garments that can be flexibly adapted to different body shapes. For a sustainable approach, the brand founded by Bulgarian designers Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena relies on recycled materials and deadstock textiles.

Company location: Great Britain

Special benefits: OTB Award and LVMH Prize

Where to buy: chopovalowena.com

Source & Copyright by Chopova Lowena

10. Ruben Jurrien

Inclusion at its best! The Dutch designer Ruben Jurriën swears by a variety of sizes and adjustable sizing in his collections. Its garments are either made in one size or adjustable, from XXS to XXL. The inspiration for his designs comes from his own experience, as he often felt excluded from the fashion industry because of his body shape and gender. Jurriën's goal is therefore to make fashion accessible to everyone and to break down the boundaries between genders and sizes.

Company location: Netherlands

Special benefits: Winner Lichting 2022 Design Award

Where to buy: rubenjurrien.com

Source & Copyright by Ruben Jurriën

Conclusion: Adjustable sizing for a sustainable future

Tailored for everyone! Adjustable Sizing takes a big step towards inclusive and sustainable fashion. Innovative brands that already follow a “one size fits all” approach are leading the way. The ability to flexibly adjust the fit and size of each item of clothing to your own body shape not only improves comfort, but also ensures that we use the clothes we own for longer, throw away less, buy new things less often and ultimately the Reduce global textile waste. Adjustable sizing sets new standards in fashion and will be indispensable for a sustainable future of the fashion industry.



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