Friendly hunting luxurious cashmere scarves handmade in Nepal


Mindfully handmade in Nepal | Selected Cashmere Suppliers | Giving Back Children's Home Project

The German family company Friendly Hunting offers luxurious cashmere scarves handmade in Nepal. Made with mindfulness, Friendly Hunting relies on a long-term and trusting cooperation with the manufacturers in Nepal. Preservation of local tradition and craftsmanship as well as the promotion of the country through the exchange of innovative processes and modern production approaches is the main focus of the company,


friendly hunting
friendly hunting


Fair working conditions and the promotion of ethical values ​​are key tasks. Friendly Hunting is increasingly working with upcycled cashmere. Cashmere suppliers are carefully selected who commit to extensive measures with regard to animal welfare and nature conservation. The cashmere goats are looked after by experienced shepherds, who ensure that the pastures regenerate. The products meet the requirements of the REACH standard and are therefore 100% free of chemical pollutants.

Giving Back - As part of the 'Namaste Project' Friendly Hunting founded an orphanage in Kathmandu, where children grow up in a family environment.