Gretel: GOTS-certified bed linen made from natural raw materials


Woven and sewn in Austria | GOTS-certified craft company | 100% natural raw materials

Natural luxury from Austria. Gretel combines tradition, craftsmanship and comfort. Thanks to sustainable production, the high-quality bed linen is not only for people, but also for the environment.




Gretel bed linen is made exclusively by handcrafted weaving, made in Austria, where linen weaving has a centuries-old tradition. The raw materials consist of 50% GOTS-certified cotton and 50% long-fiber linen from Belgian and French flax. As a result, the raw materials are free of any metals, chemicals and toxic dyes and are characterized by low water consumption in production.

In order to keep the supply chain short, the fibers are spun in Italy, dyed in Vienna and woven in the Mühlviertel, which is a territory in Austria
The traditional craftsmanship of weaving is of particular importance. The old weaving art is brought together with modern design