Regional Kitchen

Meat products from ethical animal husbandry

Avoiding wast, rather recycling all products




In the year 2017 opened the star chef Alexander Herrmann two restaurants in Nuremberg, the Imperial by Alexander Herrmann and on the ground floor of the same house to the Fränk'ness. The "Imperial by Alexander Herrmann" offers casual fine dining at a high level. Here the reduction to the essentials with clear taste structures and intensive aromas counts. Minimalist opulence with an unmistakable connection to the Franconian home kitchen.

In the "FRÄNK'NESS", the legendary Franconian kitchen is redefined. Guests can re-experience handmade, urban dishes with a regional flair - quick and easy. The Fränk'ness is characterized by its rich use of vegetables, locally sourced products and homemade baked goods. Alexander Herrmann sources all his products are regionally. Animal products come from an ethical animal husbandry - every part is utilized.

In all gastronomic establishments, the "Mise en Place" (preparation of the food) is focused on the avoidance of waste and the recycling all possible products: "From root to leaf, from nose to tail". A dedicated food scout helps creatively to discover new products and suppliers from the region - be it the game- and mushroom hunters from the Franconia region or the traditional craft bakery.


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