Dynamic | Smart | Recyclable

The modular sofa system by Magis, designed by Stefan Diez, inspires a modern lifestyle, makes you desire change and promotes environmental awareness. The innovative concept calls conventional process technologies into question and reduces the usage of problematic substances to a minimum. The design is smart, pragmatic and adaptable.


Costume sofa Magis Stefan Diez
Modular sofa made from recycled industrial plastic


Innovative furniture design

This sofa challenges current furniture manufacturing techniques. The repair of conventional furniture is time-consuming, the materials are difficult or impossible to separate and large amounts of foam are used, which makes recycling almost impossible. Therefore Magis conceived a new construction method for sofas in cooperation with the designer Stefan Diez. The result is the Costume sofa system. The difference: the individual components of the modular sofa are not permanently connected to each other, which makes them easier to dismantle for cleaning or repair.

Responsible usage of materials

The core consists of a 4 mm thin structure of recycled and recyclable polyethylene, made from industrial plastic waste from the furniture and car industries. Followed by pocket springs providing the cushioning, which minimizes the use of problematic synthetic foam. The whole is held together by a cover that is attached to the body using tension belts. A sustainable selection of fabrics completes the modern design. Most of the materials used can be easily recycled.

The concept: smart and dynamic

With a total of four different elements, the sofa simplifies the selection of modules. These consist of a seat module, a left or right armrest and an ottoman. The fabrics can be cleaned and colors can be combined as desired. The elements can be put together in various configurations as required and are therefore versatile and universally usable. All individual parts can also be replaced.

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