The Universal Soul Company: fragrance sprays to stimulate the senses


Soy wax candles | Oil-based room sprays | Without artificial fragrances

The Universal Soul Company stands for pollution-free as well as vegan room sprays and scented candles made in the UK. Based on soy wax and oil, the products are not only sustainable, but also pleasant for your well-being.


The Universal Soul Company
The Universal Soul Company


The candles are based on soy wax, while the room sprays are based on oil and are non-alcoholic as well as free from artificial colors and fragrances such as SLS, parabens, phathalates. While the recycled packaging is also sustainable, the company's conscious approach is rounded off by ethics. The supply chain is completely transparent, strict guidelines according to which suppliers are selected guarantee fair working conditions and charitable causes are also supported.

In 2020, The Universal Soul Company won the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Award - recognition for brands that promote well-being.