Organic farming | Award-winning winery | Hand picked grapes

Rosé organic wine from controlled, ecological cultivation. The use of pesticides and animal products is 100% avoided. Regionally produced in close cooperation with the family-run winery with the award for best organic producer internationally AWC Vienna.



The grapes are picked and selected exclusively by hand and the vines are grown on mineral, calcareous soils. No animal products are used for fining or clarification, which makes the wine vegan.

A close and personal collaboration with the winemaker and his family, a family business from the 3rd generation, honored as the best organic producer internationally (AWC Vienna). The grapes are predominantly regional and come from Germany.

A third of the wine is also produced using the Saignée method, in which the skins in the must "bleed out" their color. The pink must is then drained and vinified. The color changes between light pink and dark pink with an intense berry scent.