Process waste products into new materials and even upgrade them. Upcycling is a real art. We present trends such as zero waste and the reduction of plastic and packaging or their reuse.

Debate about vintage altering: sustainable trend or breaking taboo?

Can you give old designer clothes a new look? A heated discussion has broken out online about vintage altering - we clarify the pros and cons.

Corn as a raw material for environmentally friendly construction

The corn plant is one of the most widely grown crops worldwide. But can it also revolutionize the construction industry?

Coachtopia creates transparency with documentary series “The Road to Circularity”

The sub-brand of the company Coach has released a documentary series showcasing the complete manufacturing process of Coachtopia products titled "The Road to Circularity"

How a designer is redefining the circular economy

“Repurpose” extends the life cycle of garments and sets new standards for sustainable practices. Find out all about Oliver Spencer's latest launch

The best tips for a zero-waste renovation

Transforming a space without creating waste can be challenging. We show the best tips for a zero-waste renovation

Ethical jewelry: A conversation with the founders of 202 EDITIONS

A combination of tradition and modernity in the design process, but the craftsmanship at the workbench is what fills the piece of jewelry with life and gives it value. Interview with Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen, founders of 202 EDITIONS

Vegan Horsebit bag: Gucci presents the first vegan handbag

The luxury brand Gucci is showing a leather bag made from vegan Demetra for the first time in its Fall/Winter 2024 collection

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in a sustainable watch label

ID Genève is considered a pioneer in the sustainable watch industry. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now supporting the luxury label with two million francs.

Re-Creation Program: Nike's new experiment in circular fashion

New products made from local vintage and dead-stock pieces aim to advance the circular vision

Circular Beauty - This is how zero waste cosmetics work

The beauty industry is also addressing the great challenge of becoming circular with zero waste cosmetics

Kintsugi philosophy: the elegance of imperfection

The Japanese Kintsugi philosophy celebrates cracks and breaks by artfully repairing damaged ceramics and thus meeting the zeitgeist of sustainability

Refill solutions are revolutionizing the cosmetics industry

“Reduce, reuse, refill” aims to solve the packaging problem of beauty products

News: Gucci Vault - Young designers on the vintage shopping stage

New collab “Comme Des Garçon X Gucci” in the digital retro space Vault sold out in a few hours

What is recycling? - That's what it's all about and how it works.

Here you will find out what is behind recycling and how you can easily implement it. All the advantages and disadvantages of the recycling cycle

How digital disruption can promote sustainability

Digitization as a solution for a future-proof luxury model - these are the game changers in the industry

News: Pangaia uses material innovation against food waste

Using fruit leaves for textile innovation and creating new resources from waste

News: Bentley switches to sustainable leather

Automobile manufacturer becomes the first member of the Leather Working Group

Green future powered by design - Green Trend Book 2021

The first round of recruiting for the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 is currently taking place - The Green Trend Book offers a sneak peek of what to expect.

Can future material innovations solve sustainability issues?

In order for sustainable companies to have a major impact on the market, the scalability of sustainable fabrics is necessary. But at the moment the supply chains are not aligned for this. By Christopher Snyder, Material Design Expert

Fast fashion vs. slow fashion marks a shift in the fashion industry

Sustainability is causing a change in the fashion industry - It's a fight called fast fashion vs. slow fashion and here are all trends at a glance

Nomad upcycling rugs combine unique design with an appreciation for leftovers

“We believe in innovation, in crossing boundaries and in redefining the image of re- and upcycling in interiors” In an interview with Jutta Werner, founder of Nomad

Smile Plastics - Inspirational designs made of recycled plastics

With their innovative recycled materials, the duo of Smile Plastics inspires designers and architects worldwide In an interview with Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan

The best upcycling ideas clothes

Creative upcycling ideas for clothing: Give your wardrobe a sustainable twist, the best DIY tips and much more.

High-end & sustainable: vintage dresses reflect the modern zeitgeist

A homage to the past: vintage dresses are trendy. Discover essential vintage fashion knowledge and how to get the look

Green Looks Great: In an interview with fair fashion blogger Mary

Since 2017, Mary has been proving on her blog Green Looks Great that sustainability and style can be easily combined. In the interview, she reveals how it works  

News: Diesel launches its first upcycling collection

“Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL” is the label’s first upcycling collection. From now on there will be two sustainable collaborations per year  

Circular economy - a concept from nature secures our future

Circular economy is currently the most sought-after concept for a sustainable future. About a concept that brings together continued prosperity and the preservation of resources

Recycling & Upcycling: how it's done and what you can do to support

Recycling plastic is just as important in industry as it is in private households. More and more people even want to live plastic-free. The facets of recycling and what brands make of it

From old to new - and higher quality

Upcycling is about converting waste and what appears to be useless into new, better quality products. Correspondingly, with this form of recycling, the value of the re-used or re-used starting product is increased. Here you can find out exactly how upcycling can be implemented, tips for everyday life and which brands have already integrated the sustainable approach into their practices.

DIY inspiration for creative minds

Clever DIY ideas prove that things that seem old or unusable are far from being. Be it a self-sewn wallet from an old pair of jeans or a raised bed from the bed that would otherwise have ended up in the bulky waste - creative ideas for upcycling let old treasures shine in new splendor.

Interior fans can get inspiration here and find exclusive ideas for individual furnishings. With useful tips on technical know-how, anyone can use textiles or old furniture in an imaginative way. Upcycling can often result in unique items that have completely new functions.

Zero waste companies: upcycling as a production process

If you are not enthusiastic about manual activities, you can discover responsible brands here that integrate upcycling into their production processes. Fashion brands in particular are increasingly specializing in upcycling production waste, cut-offs and deadstock in order to act in the spirit of zero waste. This creates high-quality products without polluting the environment through the exploitation of resources or emissions associated with production processes. We'll show you where to find these sustainable high-end products.

Upcycling means an effective contribution to environmental protection

The reduction of waste, the minimization of the ecological footprint and the general protection of the planet are increasingly part of the life philosophy of many people. In your own household as well as in industry. Upcycling is one of the concepts through which the environment can be actively protected by closing product life cycles in the sense of the circular economy. A positive side effect of the sustainable trend: upcycling has a liberating effect, as it is consumed consciously and order is created.