Sustainability is a question of corporate ethics as it affects all business processes. There is a variety of positive actions that companies can implement to save the environment or promote society. Transparency is of great importance. We want to reward this and communicate the positive actions of remarkable brands as well as companies to our readers.

News: Ruinart promotes sustainable luxury in a new "look"

The champagne house Maison Ruinart is launching a sustainable “second skin” bottle protection as a symbol of the new, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury

Viva con Agua - The All Profit Organization

Viva con Agua is committed to a world without thirst. In an exclusive interview, co-founder Tobias Rau reveals how it works and how you can be active in times of Corona

Top CSR trends for sustainable corporate development

In 2020, too, the CSR trends will be towards ethics and sustainability. We show which trends will determine the corporate culture of the future

Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: "Nothing New, Everything New"

Heimtextil is a trendsetter and trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Cradle to Cradle founder Braungart on products without a guilty conscience

Cradle to Cradle calls for a revolutionary innovation in our products in terms of design, production, use and return. The result is a world without rubbish. Interview with Prof. Dr Michael Braungart

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and their level of awareness

Awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is almost 50%. Society predominantly combines sustainability and climate protection with the SDGs, but many other important aspects are hidden behind them

This is how a natural nail polish works with organic nail polish

What pollutants are hidden in conventional nail polish, what is behind the free label and what are the most beautiful brands for natural nail polish?

Fashion statement: Best brands for sustainable bags

Environmentally friendly fashion is the new trend in the fashion cosmos. We show sustainable bag brands to round off the perfect fashion outfit

Organic cotton - the most important facts and the most beautiful brands

Key facts, tips on care, benefits and brands - we present everything worth knowing about sustainable organic cotton

On The Go: Sustainable backpacks for every occasion

Sustainable, minimalist backpacks are functional, environmentally friendly and even really chic! Here's what to look for and where to get them

White gold know-how: Everything that glitters is gold

Exclusive white gold jewelry creations promise timeless joy. But why is white gold premium and where can you find the most beautiful jewelry?

With organic beer there is a healthy and pure refreshment in summer

In contrast to conventional alternatives, organic beer stands for sustainability in the glass. Ecological refreshment has environmental and health benefits

News: PUMA launches sustainable project "Design to Fade"

In collaboration with Living Color and Streamateria, PUMA launches "Design to Fade" and takes an important step towards sustainability with the Biodesign collection

MIT: Pioneering technologies will enrich 2020

According to the renowned MIT Technology Review, innovative future technologies will revolutionize 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility: Top Sustainable Companies 2020

Again this year, companies worldwide were ranked in terms of their CSR. Denmark leads the field of sustainable business practices in the CSR Ranking 2020

Luxury landscape in times of corona virus the Next Normal

What is the next normal in the luxury landscape during and after the Corona crisis and how are the trends changing? A big bang for the benefit of agile, digital, sustainable and social business models By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Gen Z calls for new standards for brands in times of COVID-19

To emerge stronger from the crisis, brands have to adapt to Gen Z's wishes. A growing group of buyers in transition is demanding transparency and social values

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Make a mark where they arise - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Sustainability #1 - Fashion Megatrend 2020

The study "The State of Fashion" shows the fashion megatrend 2020 "Sustainability # 1": The growing need of consumers for more sustainable products - even in times of the Black Swan Event

Ethical Home Design - Amazing brands for your home

Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel on timeless and sensual design

In dialogue with chief designer of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin - Challenges of modern table culture

6 sustainable fashion trends transform the fashion industry

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable, as increasingly demanded by consumers. These 6 sustainable fashion trends show how this can happen

The ultimate X-Mas guide for sustainable gift ideas

Christmas is almost here. If you are looking for inspiration for suitable gifts, you will find individual gift ideas that give you and the receiver lasting enjoyment

These Christmas cocktails beautify the pre-Christmas period

With these Signature Serve Christmas Cocktails you can enjoy the Christmas time. Fine flavors keep your spirits up even in winter.

Prince Charles and his plea for a sustainable future

For decades, the Prince of Wales has been committed to a sustainable future. Through various projects and initiatives, Prince Charles supports areas such as finance and the food industry in a responsible manner

A Swedish premium yacht is bringing e-mobility to the sea

X Shore is the Swedish manufacturer of the 100 percent electric powered electric yacht. The company focuses on aesthetics and sustainability.

New Luxury - Luxury as the expression of a new and cultivated rebellion

New Luxury - Luxury is the expression of a new, cultured rebellion: status symbols are charged with ethical added value and sustainable concerns. The luxury market is growing steadily worldwide. But what does luxury mean today?

Fairtrade and best organic coffee: Tips for conscious coffee enjoyment

What exactly is fair trade coffee and which labels should you pay attention to when it comes to the best organic coffee? We show how you can enjoy coffee in addition to the choice of coffee beans

Gucci Equilibrium brings transparency to the next level

The fashion house sets new standards. With its Gucci Equilibrium program, the label shows how transparently and innovatively a company can act to achieve its sustainability goals

Recycling & Upcycling: How it works and what you can do for it

Recycling plastic is important in the industry as well as in the home. More and more people even want to live without plastic. The facets of recycling and what brands make of it.

Groundbreaking changes in the luxury industry

According to Bain & Company, disruptive trends should radically change the landscape in the luxury market and create new value.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Top 100 Company 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly important and global corporations are focusing on sustainability. Reduction of CO2 emissions and waste, diversity and other sustainable aspects are the basis of the CSR assessment.

Sustainable companies with modern values

As social interest in sustainability continues to grow, companies also need to adapt their philosophies to remain relevant and competitive. In view of new customer needs such as the desire for transparency or environmental protection, sustainable companies in particular will be able to achieve success in the future. You can find out which companies these are and which strategies they pursue here.

In view of the acute threat to resources and environmentally harmful practices in relevant industries, corporate social responsibility is not just a focus, but a must-have for sustainable companies. The corporate social and environmental responsibility of companies affects all company processes. Be it internal or external structures as well as the entire value chain of products - sustainable companies pursue a holistic strategy to protect the environment.

Facts, stats & trends related to sustainable companies

In order to highlight positive actions and corporate ethics, we present sustainable companies that act in a radically transparent manner. Rankings, expert interviews and studies also show you which trends will define the future. This is how you find out which sustainable companies you can identify with. Future, conscious decisions regarding the selection of a product, a service or maybe even an employer can be made with ease.