Green hideaways high above the rooftops of the urban jungle. Community gardening in big cities is en vogue: We show you innovative approaches to urban gardening around the globe.

Simple tricks for self-catering in the big city

Self-sufficiency - an environmentally friendly megatrend. We show how the concept works for self-caterers on the balcony and in the city

Garden design ideas for the perfect late summer

Midsummer is here and with it the desire to spend more time outside. With these garden design ideas, your garden will become an oasis of wellbeing

Home Report 2020 - Future of Living and Building

How can the architecture of our cities, our buildings, but above all the architecture of our lives, be better designed?

Urban gardening ideas increase well-being in everyday life

In 2020, urban gardening ideas became an absolute trend. Natural gardeners promote their fun, well-being and environmental protection

Plants for a good indoor climate - myth or fact?

The fact that plants improve the indoor climate is controversial - we show what is really true of the myth and how you can guarantee to optimize your well-being with a few green accents

Green Living Interior Design: Here's how to make your modern, chic and green home improvements

Beauty and responsibility are not opposites. Green Living stands for a stylish interior and a conscious lifestyle. These interior design tips also succeed in your own four walls.

Urban gardening & vertical farming - two future concepts

Vertical farming and urban gardening are intended to revolutionize the future of agriculture. To what extent can the concepts be implemented at home and in the city.

Morgan Freeman - A ranch against bee mortality

More than just honey - How actor Morgan Freeman fights bee mortality with his ranch and what each and everyone can do against it

Urban gardening: more well-being and sustainability in metropolises

Green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle? This is exactly what urban gardening promises. The innovative trend creates green spaces in metropolises worldwide, thus promoting urban horticulture and agriculture, and in many cases uniting communities. You can find out exactly what is behind the concept and how easy it is to implement the trend in your own environment here.

From city dweller to self-catering

If you are looking for ways to actively work for climate protection, you will love Urban Gardening. In response to the increasing urbanization and associated climate-damaging factors such as CO2 emissions, urban gardening promotes sustainable production and consumption. Food can be grown and harvested on private or public spaces. The result: shorter transport routes, biodegradable waste and local recycling. We also show tips for cultivation and municipal projects to discover.

Easy guide to urban gardening

In addition to areas for local community gardens, we present options for implementing urban gardening in your own four walls. In the garden, on the balcony and in the interior. Be it the skillful use of light or a space-saving raised bed - there are many ways to become self-sufficient in the midst of the madness of the big city. In addition to the positive aspect of environmental protection, urban gardening also guarantees non-toxic and fresh food, the added value of which is really fun.