Get rid of ants: natural home remedies

Ants are often uninvited guests in houses and apartments. But instead of resorting to chemical weapons, there are environmentally friendly home remedies to get rid of the insects

Ants sell home remedies

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Ants are basically natural helpers in the garden. Because ants play an important role in many ecosystems. They fulfill a variety of functions and can be... garden people make a positive contribution. For example, the small insects hunt and eat pests that are also not welcome in the garden. They also dig small tunnels through the soil, which results in loose soil and better watering of plants.

But if the ants find their way into the household, it often becomes annoying. Many people then turn to chemical agents to drive away the ants, but there are also natural alternatives. Here you will find all tips on how to get rid of ants with home remedies.

Ants sell home remedies

Chemical methods as a risk to nature

Getting rid of ants in the house can be a challenge. Despite their ecological importance, people often resort to aggressive, environmentally harmful and chemical methods. However, the use of commercial ant repellents from the drugstore or hardware store, which often contain spinosad, poses dangers bees and aquatic organisms.

You should avoid these home remedies for ants

A well-known home remedy is baking soda, hot water or even coffee powder, which causes the ants to die in agony. But which home remedies can you use to get rid of ants naturally? We'll show you how you can fight ants without endangering or even torturing them or other living creatures.

Ants sell home remedies

The most effective approaches to natural home remedies for getting rid of ants focus on blocking access to the food source, distracting the ants with smells, and making their habitat unattractive. This way you can get rid of ants without endangering the small insects. Here is an overview of the best home remedies:

1. Tea tree oil as a natural remedy for ants

A mixture of a few drops of tea tree oil and water can help eliminate small ant colonies from homes. This solution is simply sprayed onto the ant trails or ant burrow. Tea tree oil can also be particularly effective in treating blemished skin .

2. Distract ants with vinegar and vinegar essence

Spraying ant trails or ant burrows with vinegar prevents the scents produced by the ants, called pheromones, from being recognized by the ants. This causes the ants to lose their orientation and can no longer find their way back to the burrow or to the food source.

Ants drive away home remedies with lemon

3. Lemon peels the all-rounder

When ants smell the smell of a grated lemon peel, they move back into their burrow. To use it, simply rub some lemon on the ground. This not only drives the ants out of the apartment, but also smells pleasantly fresh.

4. Block the doorsteps with chilli and cinnamon

If you want to get rid of ants naturally, chilli and cinnamon are also suitable. Both spices interrupt the ant trails, but do not cause the ant nest to stop. To prevent the ant trail from leading into your own house, put some chilli or cinnamon powder on the doorsteps.

Removing ants without poison requires consistency and patience. Ants are stubborn creatures and it can take some time for them to find a new place to build their burrow if you want to get rid of them without using toxins.

Ants sell home remedies with chili

Preventive measures to prevent ants from entering your apartment or house:

Getting rid of ants in the house or garden can be a challenge. In order to avoid a potential ant infestation in advance, you can pay attention to the following things:

  1. Store food properly:  Eid is particularly advisable not to store any leftover food in the house and to put open foods, such as sugar or oatmeal, in lockable containers.
  2. Fight aphids: In order to keep the small insects away in the garden, it is important to combat aphids regularly. They produce honeydew, which is a good source of food for ants.
  3. Herbs and scented plants: Ants also do not build their nests near herbs or scented plants. So if you have lavender, thyme or marjoram in your garden, you are already taking preventive action against ants.

Ants sell home remedies without poison

Relocate ants without poison:

In order to let ants continue to live without them disturbing people's everyday lives, you can relocate the ant colony.

For this you need a clay pot filled with wood shavings and loose soil, which is placed with the open side down on an ant trail. Upon closer observation, after a few days you can see that the ants are gradually carrying the small brown pupae into the clay pot.

After 2 to 3 days, the clay pot can be moved to another place where the ants will have their nest from now on. It should be noted that this new location is at least 300 meters away from the old one, so that the ants do not return again.

Balance between human needs and ecological functions

Getting rid of ants naturally can be very annoying, but you should always treat them with respect. They play a big role in our ecosystem and can even be helpful in our garden. Environmentally friendly ant control can lead to peaceful coexistence between humans and nature.


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