Green Living Interior Design: Here's how to make your modern, chic and green home improvements

Beauty and responsibility are not opposites. Green Living stands for stylish furnishings and a conscious lifestyle. With these interior design tips you can also do it in your own four walls

Green Living, Interior Design

Green Living and Eco Design are currently the international trend terms in the modern field Interior. We show you the best tips for a life according to the motto "Go Green". You don't have to do without aesthetics or beauty; rather, individuality comes to the fore. By choosing your Or in other words: furniture and accessories, live pollution-free and protect them Nature.

5 strategies for green home improvements

1. Minimalist interior design

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, Minimalist set up after her bestselling book "Magic Cleaning"

"Konmari" is a simple and effective way to rid your own home of useless things. According to the organizational consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo, this creates an atmosphere that positively changes life. "Cleaning up makes you happy," says the author herself. The whole principle can be divided into 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - Muck out according to categories: First the lightest items, i.e. clothes, books, documents and papers, then small items, called "Komono", and finally the mementos
  • Step 2 - Magic Cleaning: Take everything in your hand, because only what makes you happy when you touch it is allowed to stay
  • 3rd step - Fixed place: Everything gets a fixed place and the order can be kept forever

The goal is to liberate the house from the consumer society of bad energy - an effective green home improvements.

2. Eco design

The selection of furniture made of high-quality materials can enhance the interior design - and not just visually. Because sustainable and high quality products are free from harmful chemicals and allergens. You can thus improve the air quality in your own home. This is especially important when wall paints. Here is the choice between nature-based organic colors and environmentally friendly Eco colors.

Green Living, Farrow & Ball Environmentally friendly colors

Farrow & Ball Environmentally friendly paints

Transport routes must also be taken into account when choosing furniture. Products from manufacturers who use local suppliers and regional raw materials are to be preferred. This keeps CO2 emissions as low as possible.

The conscious choice of a sustainable facility can be both innovative and long-lasting. Innovation and the application of new technologies is also a great advantage. Innovative technologies can improve water and energy efficiency. There are also innovative ones Textiles for sustainable furniture replace the viscose & co. There are also vegetarian substitutes for leather and silk.

With a focus on interior design, professional help is a more costly but highly effective way to bring the latest design elements and fabrics to your own home.

3. From old to new

Green Living, Interior Design

The return to analog systems is a trend which we can increasingly observe. Be it the "do it yourself" movement or the return to tradition and craftsmanship. People want to slow down their lives and find their way back to their original values. Whether it's the old chair that gets a new upholstery, a cabinet that adds new color accents, or the polished vintage lamp from the antique store. By upgrading existing furniture and objects, unique pieces that tell a story can be created and thus represent exclusive green home improvements.

4. Intelligent energy saving

Green Living, Interior Design

The opposite of analog forms the movement of the smart home. Forgot to turn down the heater or turn on the light in the bathroom? Thanks to the so-called Smart Technology, we are able to save energy via an app or the push of a button. Intelligent heating systems have built-in sensors that prevent increased consumption. The modern designs are practical, easy to see and cost-saving in the long run.

The use of water in the home offers great savings potential. The use of smart faucets and shower heads can significantly reduce water consumption and looks good. Further tips for water consumption can be found in our Water counselor.

5. Detox with Urban Gardening

Indoor plants detoxify and moisturize the room air. Native plants are not only beautiful to look at, but especially useful to set natural accents. Particularly suitable are sword fern, birch fig, ivy and chrysanthemums. Real Aloe Vera is also suitable for skin and hair care. Even a fruit or olive tree are trendy decorations and detox at the same time.


Green home improvements and the whole concept of green living as a solution for climate protection?

Everyone can turn their home into a stylish green oasis on a variety of trails. Not only nature benefits from the increasing environmental demands of consumers, but also suppliers of sustainable designs, who can continue to invest in fair production and product development. Contrary to the fast-moving consumer society, Green Living not only creates an anti-toxic atmosphere but also relies on a long-lasting interior with timeless style and individuality.


Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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