People are drawn to the city these days. There living space is becoming increasingly scarce and densely built-up areas hardly offer any space for greenery. The construction industry could, however, become greener again: with houses that blend in with nature.

Green Product Award 2024: Sustainable innovations on the path to change

Sustainable design with distinction! The Green Product Award offers a stage for innovative products. We introduce you to the winners in 2024 who are driving the green transformation

Design with responsibility: This is how sustainable the Stockholm Furniture Fair is

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The German Design Award 2024 as a catalyst for design innovations

This year, innovative approaches to transformations in architecture, product and communication design will be honored with the German Design Award

Last call for registration for the German Design Award 2024

The world's most creative talents and hubs are invited to submit their groundbreaking projects for the German Design Award 2024 by September 1st

Energy-efficient construction: tips for sustainable house construction

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in house construction. The right measures and construction methods reduce the energy consumption of your home.

Sustainable landscape architecture under the California sun

The Environmental Design Studio shows landscape architecture in a harmonious union of design and environment

News: German Design Award 2023 honors Eco and Social Design

The German Design Award 2023 revolves around impact - pioneering design means socially and ecologically responsible design

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Green Future Club celebrates its anniversary: ​​10 years Green Product & Concept Award

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Iconic Awards 2022: Innovative Architecture - Awareness of Sustainable Building

The Iconic Awards 2022: Innovative Architecture honor forward-looking projects and new approaches to sustainable construction

Colour expert Annika Murjahn on innovative eco-colour culture

How Caparol Icons sets new standards for luxurious color concepts and sustainability on the European market for interior paints In an interview with Annika Murjahn, founder of CAPAROL ICONS

Event: Green Product & Concept Award 2022 honors innovative product designs

The competition for a greener future with sustainable and innovative product ideas - new this year is the MCBW exhibition and the Green Future Club

Bast Fiber Boom: Is Biomaterial the Next Normal in the Design Process?

Eco & slow design are en vogue. But what does sustainable design actually consist of? Everything to do with functional and aesthetic biomaterial

Planthroposcene Trend - Living in an Urban Jungle

What is Planthroposcene? A plea for nature to move into contemporary interiors for a better quality of life

News: Winners of the German Design Award 2022 prove innovative eco design

For the anniversary, the winners of the German Design Award 2022 show innovation, sustainability & aesthetics with pioneering projects

The future of country life - Deurbanisation modernises the province

Deurbanization: Hardly audible, but shaping the future in the countryside is bringing noticeable changes - also in the city.

Bosco Verticale: Are forest towers the future of sustainable design?

More and more people are drawn to the city and more and more green space has to make room - wooded high-rise buildings should represent a solution to the problem

Micro homes - great freedom and the smallest ecological footprint

A new kind of quality of life - micro-house as an inspiring and environmentally friendly living concept

Book Club: Dig It! Building bound to the ground - building culture on the surface of the earth

Our book tip of the month digs deep into building culture - on the trail of architecture and its roots in the surface of the earth.

How sustainable cities can promote urban resilience

Environmental pollution, scarcity of resources and social inequality - many challenges of the present as well as climate change are concentrated in cities - sustainable urban development counteracts this

Book Club: Kuma – Japanese Architecture “Tradition meets the modern”

Our book tip of the month lets you discover the innovative architecture of the Japanese visionary Kengo Kuma with the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Berlin TXL will soon be a smart city and hotspot for urban technologies

5 questions to Philipp Bouteiller about the innovative and sustainable redesign of the former Berlin Tegel Airport In an interview with Prof. Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, CEO Tegel Projekt GmbH

Aging as an opportunity for intergenerational design

Nikolaus Hafermaas calls for sustainable cultural change and shows why intergenerational design is more than a mere design concept. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Green future powered by design - Green Trend Book 2021

The first round of recruiting for the Green Product and Green Concept Award 2022 is currently taking place - The Green Trend Book offers a sneak peek of what to expect.

Big City-Life: Sky Pool opens in London's Embassy Gardens

London architecture project: The 25-meter-long “Sky Pool” in the urban district of Embassy Gardens connects two ten-story buildings

The future of urban cities: Empathic buildings and intelligent mobility

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of the Berlin agency Graft Brandlab, on the sustainable development of architecture, urban planning and mobility By Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Rethinking living spaces: Modular architecture and housing concepts

With modular architecture and flexible living concepts into the future of living - we show sustainable and creative projects that rethink living

3D printing ideas: These innovative formats set new milestones

Hardly any other industry has experienced such a boom in recent years as three-dimensional printing technology - here are five particularly innovative 3D printing ideas 

What we can expect from the future new work culture

A shift in values ​​towards collaboration, creative solutions and agility will result in the humanisation of future work

Book Club: Ai Weiwei - 40th Anniversary Edition

Our book tip of the month follows Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei through his life stages and shows his works inspired by the different phases

News: “All Eyes On” – Digital format of the German Design Award 2021

This year, the winning projects of the German Design Award will be presented by the German Design Council in a new online framework.

Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Architectural design and new standards for sustainability

Setting signals where they are created - this is what the British architecture firm does with its sustainability manifesto

Green architecture combines construction and nature

Sustainable construction should make it possible to use natural resources to build houses. When selecting the building materials, the question of which existing raw materials can be reused or converted in a circular system should also be in the foreground.

Conserve resources and save energy

Sustainable energy sources such as photovoltaics or solar batteries ensure the power supply for green buildings. Such houses can obtain water from recycled rainwater, among other things. Architecture that does not harm nature and uses existing resources instead of wasting them.

Building in nature

The right location also plays a major role when it comes to sustainable architecture. A place should preferably be chosen where the ecosystem can be preserved. The land use should also be reduced as much as possible. At best, trees, bushes and meadows around the building are largely preserved before new gardens are artificially built.

Green label for houses

Green architecture is also certified by the seal. The most widespread certifications for sustainable building are the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) - the oldest certification system for sustainable building. They take into account the effects of buildings on a global, regional, local and indoor level. Criteria taken into account include management, energy, water, land use, health and well-being, transport, materials, pollution, waste and innovation.

Sustainable house construction meets design

The close-to-nature house construction creates exciting designs. Green roofs, facades full of plants or houses in the shape of hills - architects have no limits when building green architecture. Trends such as vertical agriculture are also gaining ground in this context.