CO2 compensation starts with a conscious lifestyle. But not all of our activities are climate neutral. Therefore, investing in climate protection projects is a good alternative to reduce your own carbon footprint. We will show you how compensation works very easily.

The Circular Republic Festival – circular economy as a focus

The Circular Republic Festival focused in Munich in November on circular economy, expert opinions and innovations

Actions with a sustainable perspective: The German Sustainability Award 2023

In addition to companies, buildings, manufacturers and innovations, personalities such as Sebastian Vettel and Zoe Wees received awards for sustainable actions

Earthshot Prize 2023: Awards for pioneers of sustainable innovations

Last week, the Earthshot Awards 2023 awarded five companies to support their sustainable innovations.

How CarbonTag closes the gap between sustainable attitudes & behavior

Climate labels for climate protection: CarbonTag uses precise data to motivate consumers to consume sustainably Interview with Marcia Holst, co-founder of CarbonTag

The German Design Council celebrates its 70th anniversary

The international competence center for design is celebrating its anniversary - and with it collaboration, talent promotion, innovation and sustainability

“Mission to Net Zero”: The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

Building a Sustainable Fitness Routine: Tips for Staying Motivated

From activewear to creative exercises to mental wellbeing - these 5 tips will help you create a sustainable fitness routine

When jewelery becomes an expression of modern values ​​and lifestyle

Avenida Santiago founder Roland Knipfer on fair jewelery as a sustainable and ethical step in the evolution of the jewelery industry Interview with Roland Knipfer, founder of Avenida Santiago

The mobility of tomorrow: climate-neutral e-bikes for city and country

E-bikes make sustainable mobility possible and attractive - how a family business combines e-mobility, innovation and design

IPCC outlines measures for a sustainable future worth living in

The IPCC report marks an urgent turning point: the need for action to protect the climate has never been greater and solutions more readily available 

Gensler Design Forecast: Trends in a New Era of Human Experience

Design becomes the engine for sustainability, inclusion and community - everything about the metatrends of the Gensler Design Forecast

COP27: Climate protection as a question of social justice

The threat of climate change no longer allows compromises in terms of social and ecological sustainability - this is what the COP27 demands

Plan A founder Lubomila Jordanova transforms the economy sustainably

How the SaaS platform Plan A enables, simplifies and automates the transition to a sustainable and decarbonized economy In an interview with Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder & CEO “Plan A”

Eco meets innovation: UNStudio presents sustainable office tower

When architecture meets uncompromising social & ecological sustainability - UNStudio launches design for Frankfurt's NION office tower

The Fontenay Lakeside Luxury

Sustainability in the hotel industry - expression of an exclusive lifestyle Partnership Content

Recap – The Green Voices Conference 2022

For everyone who is committed to sustainability - together for a working world without burnout for people and nature

Davos Highlights 2022 - climate protection, environment and innovations

Climate catastrophes, energy transition and trillion trees - together for a green and sustainable future

CO2-negative textiles from the laboratory - a solution for the fashion industry?

Bind textiles from greenhouse gases and carbon - the company Rubi Laboratories makes this possible and the industry is keen on it

Find a new hobby: Top 5 low-carbon activities in 2022

Looking for a new hobby? Here is the best of the climate-friendly & low-emission leisure activities for this summer

NJAL launches its first sustainable collection: Collection N°1

After NJAL has already given 50.000 designers a voice in fashion, the first own & sustainable Collection N°1 follows

How to find sustainable hotels for the perfect summer vacation

The best tips on how to find sustainable hotels and what to look out for when making your selection

Zaha Hadid Architects set new standards for Eco Architecture

Zaha Hadid Architects' BEEAH Headquarters: a symbol of architecture at the intersection of sustainability, technology and philanthropy 

From Bitcoin to BIO Coin? Crypto can be that sustainable

Blockchain and crypto are currently traded as the "green" capital investment for an ecological future - is crypto sustainable? 

Water-free cosmetics promise health for skin and the environment

Clean Beauty Update: Are anhydrous cosmetics the sustainable solution for clear skin and a clean planet?

Hydrogen hype: A climate-neutral future with green hydrogen

Will hydrogen become a model of the future? Latest developments make hydrogen a “game changer”

Ethical Fashion 101 – A Guide to Conscious Consumption

Look good and feel good: 10 sustainable fashion tips and a guide to make your wardrobe more durable

The Truth About Palm Oil - Harmful to Health & the Environment?

Palm oil is a harmful product for people and the environment, but the problem also offers potential with innovative solutions to make an entire economy more sustainable

Circular cities: The future of urban spaces

With increasing urbanization, the challenges for urban planning also increase - circular cities offer a possible solution

Stop Plastic-Pain - With plastic-neutral products for a clean nature

Everything you need to know about plastic waste - from waste incineration to bioplastics to recycling quotas In an interview with Martin Hinteregger, founder of Waste Reduction

Go Veganuary - Meatless campaign turns out more successful than ever

How Veganuary makes vegan nutrition more attractive for the masses and even brings large companies to new dishes

Luxury lodge offers unique diversity in South Africa's nature reserve

Grootbos unites nature, animals and people through tourism and sustainability Interview with Michael Lutzeyer, founder of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Future journey of the automotive industry to the station sustainability?

6 questions to Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Head of the Center of Automotive Management, on the sustainability of mobility In an interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Director Center of Automotive Management

News: These are the results of the COP26 climate conference

Between progress and room for improvement: These are the results of the UN climate conference COP26 and its implications for the future

Climate change expert on the path to decarbonization

“The tip we always give is that you can't afford not to invest in sustainability, because it's a future-oriented, strategic decision.” Interview with Lara Obst, Co-Founder and Chief Climate Officer of Climate Choice

News: What we can expect from the COP26 climate conference

This year's UN climate conference COP26 is considered as most crucial for the fight against climate change

News: Prince William awards the world's first Earthshot Prize

With the Earthshot Prize, Prince William is launching a 10-year plan to restore the health of our planet

Talk with Allon Libermann: The truth about powder-to-liquid products

“The problem in the care industry is not transparency, but ethics - brands like Forgo have to take responsibility to educate their consumers about sustainability” Interview with Allon Libermann, design manager of From Us With Love and co-founder of Forgo

Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interior

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with its Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior

The bank of tomorrow faces the predators of the financial world

Success is often defined by money - At the fintech start-up Tomorrow Bank, sustainability is defined by the success of money In an interview with Michael Schweikart, co-founder of Tomorrow Bank

Arizona Muse promotes biodynamics as a future model with the charity “DIRT”.

With “DIRT,” model and environmental activist Arizona Muse has dedicated herself to supporting biodynamic agriculture. She explains what that means in an exclusive interview 

Slow Food Movement wants to return to the culture of enjoyment and eating

Through enjoyment to a sustainable food industry - Slow Food strengthens the senses for a responsible food system

Bosco Verticale: Are forest towers the future of sustainable design?

More and more people are drawn to the city and more and more green space has to make room - wooded high-rise buildings should represent a solution to the problem

Clean Meat: This is what the meat of the future will look like

Laboratory meat is considered to be the meat alternative of the future. But what exactly is so-called clean meat and can it actually replace conventional meat?

World climate report: IPCC issues warning and calls for immediate action

Unprecedented climatic extremes and an intensification of global warming alarm - this shows the world climate report of the IPCC. But also what can now be done to protect the planet 

Tomás Saraceno x Maison Ruinart: AR Art in the rhythm of nature

Declaration of independence from fossil fuels: Tomás Saraceno's “Movement” installation for Ruinart balances sustainability, art and AR technology

Berlin TXL will soon be a smart city and hotspot for urban technologies

5 questions to Philipp Bouteiller about the innovative and sustainable redesign of the former Berlin Tegel Airport In an interview with Prof. Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, CEO Tegel Projekt GmbH

News: Drake on the way to climate neutrality with Startup Aspiration

World-famous musician Drake is rising as an investor and collaboration partner at Aspiration, a Los Angeles startup specializing in sustainability and financial services

Curse or blessing? Revenge shopping as the return of the “Golden Twenties”

Human numbers in metropolitan regions and record sales paint the current picture of the fashion landscape - but how sustainable is the post-Covid consumerism?

As an industry pioneer, Burberry aims to be climate positive by 2040

The luxury company announces changes in its own supply chain and promotes future-oriented projects. Is the new goal realistic or too ambitious?

News: Adidas x Allbirds co-creation for the lowest-emission sneaker

 Collaboration instead of competition is the name of the game at Futurecraft.Footprint - the sneaker with the lowest CO2 footprint to date

How sustainable and healthy are plant-based milk substitutes really?

Not using animal products is considered environmentally friendly and healthy, but is that true? Here is the life cycle assessment of milk alternatives in comparison

Très Chic: Vegan dress shoes for women and men

No more sneakers - elegant shoes for all styles without animal suffering and with an ethical supply chain? Here are the most beautiful brands for vegan shoes for women and men

Sustainable companies setting new standards, but are they also profitable?

These management practices are what make sustainable companies successful - six recommendations for action for successful change

Fast fashion vs. slow fashion marks a shift in the fashion industry

Sustainability is causing a change in the fashion industry - It's a fight called fast fashion vs. slow fashion and here are all trends at a glance

New European Bauhaus: The Green Deal for NextGenEU

The German Design Council is a partner of the “New European Bauhaus” - a creative, interdisciplinary initiative of the European Commission to promote sustainability

News: Climate Protection Act overturned - Germany as a pioneer for Europe

The law passed in 2019 only contains inadequate requirements for reducing emissions after 2030

Is the current NFT Art Boom bad for the Environment?

The hype about crypto art has triggered a climate controversy due to the supposedly high energy consumption - but there is hope for a green crypto development

Water to go without rubbish - sustainable drinking bottles as cool everyday companions

Trendy and environmentally friendly: Sustainable drinking bottles made of stainless steel, glass and co. Are declaring war on plastic waste

The best food delivery alternatives to order food in your region

Good food or cooking boxes are more popular than ever. Here are the best delivery platforms for ordering food in your region

Attention veggie lovers: the top list for healthy meat alternatives

We clear up myths and show the real advantages of veggie products - here is the best of for healthy meat alternatives

These luxury e-cars will mark the new e-volution in 2021

These luxury electric cars set new standards in terms of design, technology and comfort - the best models in 2021

News: Denmark plans to build an island for the generation of green energy

Denmark is planning an artificial island to store wind energy in the North Sea. In this way, millions of European households may be supplied with electricity

Book Club: Lo-TEK design movement relies on indigenous technologies

Inidigenous technologies as a solution to climate change - In conversation with the author Julia Watson, about alternative ideas in symbiosis with nature In an interview with Julia Watson

News: The EU's new climate target accelerates the reduction of CO2 emissions

EU members have decided to reduce CO2030 emissions by 2% by 55 and thus have tightened the climate protection targets

Design Project Pollution Ranger & Smog Shade visualizes smog data

Designer Huachen Xin inspires social change with his Pollution Ranger and Smog Shade In an interview with designer Huachen Xin

What is photovoltaics? The modern energy solution simply explained

Photovoltaics is one of the most promising renewable energies of our time. Here is everything you need to know about it

Sustainable packaging: order and ship in an environmentally friendly way

Ordering and sending packages is part of everyday life. However, since this can harm the environment, we show alternatives for sustainable packaging

Transform to Net Zero: How to make the economy climate neutral by 2050

Microsoft launches the Transfrom to Net Zero initiative for climate protection. Discover what that means and how companies can contribute

Top CSR trends for sustainable corporate development

In 2020, too, the CSR trends will be towards ethics and sustainability. We show which trends will determine the corporate culture of the future

Awaycation vs. Staycation - vacation in times of coronavirus

The world wants to move again. But what will tourism look like in the future? This is shown by the three travel dimensions Awaycation, Staycation and digital Wandering By Expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and their level of awareness

Awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is almost 50%. Society predominantly combines sustainability and climate protection with the SDGs, but many other important aspects are hidden behind them

Corporate Social Responsibility: Top Sustainable Companies 2020

Again this year, companies worldwide were ranked in terms of their CSR. Denmark leads the field of sustainable business practices in the CSR Ranking 2020

Smart infrastructure and city life - More quality of life through technology

The promise of the Smart City: quality of life, environmental protection & efficiency. We show which challenges have to be solved in a smart way

Plants for a good indoor climate - myth or fact?

The fact that plants improve the indoor climate is controversial - we show what is really true of the myth and how you can guarantee to optimize your well-being with a few green accents

Slow fashion - 20 tips to easily implement the trend

There are no limits to the conscious use of fashion - the best slow fashion tips for more sustainable fashion

Digitization and Corona: How Covid-19 accelerates the digital future

COVID-19 makes digital networking more important than ever. We show the importance of digitization due to Corona

Online Shopping - Pros & Cons for a convenient shopping experience

How sustainable is online shopping? Advantages and disadvantages of digital shopping and ways to simply avoid CO2 emissions when shopping

Coronavirus and the environment - Five things the crisis teaches us about climate change

The environmental impact of Coronavirus is controversial. However, it is certain that the pandemic teaches us important insights for dealing with climate change

Preventing forest dieback - Causes and measures everyone can take

Forests must be protected in Germany as well as worldwide. We have known this at the very latest since the forest fires in the Amazon region. Here's what each and everyone of us can do against forest extinction 

Electromobility - quantum leap or hype?

A fictional dispute between our editors, in which two opposing points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - pro and con

20 tips for conscious living with zero waste and no plastic

Microplastics and plastic avoidance are omnipresent, an issue with an extraordinary impact on our planet. Tips for a life without plastic

Design studio Mandalaki on innovation, digitization & tradition as a legacy 

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Neo-ecology - the most important megatrend of our time

Neo-ecology is the megatrend that will shape the 2020st century like no other: environmental awareness is transformed from an individual lifestyle to social movement. Sustainability from the consumption trend to the economic factor

Gentle tourism - Here's everything you need to know about sustainable travel international

Gentle tourism distances itself from mass tourism and appeals to the personal responsibility of travelers. How to do this is shown by our 8 helpful tips for sustainable travel international

Green on the go: 20 simple tips for more sustainability in everyday life

We show how easy a conscious life can be. Go Green means every step counts. Help with small changes to the environment and sensitize yourself in the long term

Amazon forest fire - cause, consequences and what we can do about it

Devastating fires have raged in the Amazonas for days and the drought continues to spread the flames uncontrollable. About a political power struggle and the power of social media

Prince Charles and his plea for a sustainable future

The Prince of Wales has been committed to a sustainable future for decades. With various projects and initiatives, Prince Charles supports areas such as finance and the food industry to act responsibly

The 5 best organic hotels in Italy - Here's how sustainable tourism works

Dolce Vita can be enjoyed twice in sustainable organic hotels. Find your personal favorite now and pamper not only yourself, but also your environment on your next vacation in Italy

Morgan Freeman - A ranch against bee mortality

More than just honey - why actor Morgan Freeman is fighting bee deaths with a ranch and what each one can do

Corporate Social Responsibility - Top 100 Companies 2019

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more and more important and global corporations are focusing on sustainability. Reduction of CO2 emissions and waste, diversity and other sustainable aspects are the basis of the CSR assessment

Infographic: The 5 ultimate climate protection tips

Not only politics is in demand. With a few simple tricks, everyone can do something to protect the climate at home and in everyday life

Why there is a lack of motivation for environmental protection

Despite the often communicated real threat of climate change, many people hesitate to act. But why do we lack self-motivation?  

Climate-friendly travel - offsetting the CO2 balance

Traveling is easier than ever before. Whether long-distance or luxury travel, it is important to choose the right means of transport, hotels or restaurants in order to compensate for the individual CO2 balance

The water guide - save water in the cycle of the earth

Wasting water is a major challenge in the age of climate change. In the water guide we show what that means and how you can easily save water in everyday life

Global warming and future targets

Climate-related risks depend on the speed of future warming. According to the IPCC, an increase to 2,0 degrees leads to significant changes

Let's go green!

CO2 compensation is an effective instrument for climate protection. The concept: For every greenhouse gas emission that arises, these are saved elsewhere. While emissions should generally be kept as low as possible, CO2 compensation is a way of becoming aware of everyday climate-damaging activities and thereby being inspired to live a conscious lifestyle.

Know-how to reduce the CO2 footprint

Despite general attention to the topic of global warming, many routine activities are not climate neutral. While some of these are activities that cannot or do not want to be done without, CO2 compensation is the perfect option to protect the climate. You can find out exactly how this works and where you actually start to operate CO2 compensation.

Live healthy, consume consciously, protect the climate

Riding a bike to work, shopping second hand or recycling in your own household are examples of many easy ways to integrate CO2 compensation into your everyday life. So while emissions cannot be reduced or avoided at some points, there are always many alternatives that can be compensated for. Environmental protection can be practiced by simple changes. A positive side effect: Many measures for CO2 compensation are also health-promoting, since responsibly manufactured products such as organic food or non-toxic furniture are consumed.

Discover everything worth knowing, trends and activities related to CO2 compensation here. While you can be inspired on a personal level, we also show how more and more companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. With this knowledge, it is easy to make conscious purchasing decisions or use alternative concepts. In addition, current news about climate protection projects. This is how CO2 compensation works with ease.