CO2 compensation starts with a conscious lifestyle. But not all of our activities are climate neutral. Therefore, investing in climate protection projects is a good alternative to reduce your own carbon footprint. We will show you how compensation works very easily.

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Global warming and future targets

Climate-related risks depend on the speed of future warming. An increase to 2,0 degrees leads to significant changes, according to the IPCC.

Let's go green!

CO2 compensation is an effective instrument for climate protection. The concept: For every greenhouse gas emission that arises, these are saved elsewhere. While emissions should generally be kept as low as possible, CO2 compensation is a way of becoming aware of everyday climate-damaging activities and thereby being inspired to live a conscious lifestyle.

Know-how to reduce the CO2 footprint

Despite general attention to the topic of global warming, many routine activities are not climate neutral. While some of these are activities that cannot or do not want to be done without, CO2 compensation is the perfect option to protect the climate. You can find out exactly how this works and where you actually start to operate CO2 compensation.

Live healthy, consume consciously, protect the climate

Riding a bike to work, shopping second hand or recycling in your own household are examples of many easy ways to integrate CO2 compensation into your everyday life. So while emissions cannot be reduced or avoided at some points, there are always many alternatives that can be compensated for. Environmental protection can be practiced by simple changes. A positive side effect: Many measures for CO2 compensation are also health-promoting, since responsibly manufactured products such as organic food or non-toxic furniture are consumed.

Discover everything worth knowing, trends and activities related to CO2 compensation here. While you can be inspired on a personal level, we also show how more and more companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. With this knowledge, it is easy to make conscious purchasing decisions or use alternative concepts. In addition, current news about climate protection projects. This is how CO2 compensation works with ease.