CO2 compensation starts with a conscious lifestyle. But not all our activities are climate neutral. Therefore investing in climate protection projects is a good alternative to reduce your own CO2 footprint. We show you how the compensation works quite simply.

Corona virus and the environment - 5 things the crisis teaches us about climate change

The environmental impact of the corona virus is controversial. What is certain, however, is that the pandemic is teaching us important insights for dealing with climate change

Preventing forest dieback - Causes and measures everyone can take

Forests must be protected in Germany as well as worldwide. We have known this at the very latest since the forest fires in the Amazon region. Here's what each and everyone of us can do against forest extinction

Electromobility - quantum leap or hype?

A fictitious discussion by our editorial team, in which two contrary points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - quasi pro and contra

20 tips for a life without plastic and zero waste

The avoidance of microplastics and plastics is omnipresent as the topic has an extraordinary impact on our planet. Here are some tips for a life without plastic.

Design Studio Mandalaki on Innovation, Digitalization & Tradition as Heritage

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Neo-Ecology - The most important megatrend of our time

Neo-ecology is the megatrend that will shape the 2020er like no other: environmental awareness is transformed from individual lifestyle to social movement. Sustainability from the consumption trend to the economic factor

Gentle tourism - traveling in harmony with nature

Gentle tourism distances itself from mass tourism and appeals to the personal responsibility of travelers. How to do this is shown by our 8 helpful tips for climate-friendly travel

Go Green - 20 simple tips for more sustainability in everyday life

We show how easy a conscious life can be. Go Green means every step counts. Help with little change in the environment and sensitize yourself in the long term.

Amazon forest fire - cause, consequences and what we can do about it

Devastating fires have raged in the Amazonas for days and the drought continues to spread the flames unchecked. About a political power struggle and the power of social media

Prince Charles and his plea for a sustainable future

For decades, the Prince of Wales has been committed to a sustainable future. Through various projects and initiatives, Prince Charles supports areas such as finance and the food industry in a responsible manner.