Electromobility is one of the biggest future markets of our time. Here are the innovative luxury models and current topics of green mobility.

Greentech Festival 2024: Paving the way for green innovations

Future-oriented technologies and interdisciplinary exchange at the Greentech Festival 2024 - Berlin under the sign of sustainable transformation

Greentech Festival 2024: Reinvention with Messe Berlin

With Messe Berlin as the venue, the Greentech Festival in 2024 will not only grow in size, but also expand its program

The sodium-ion battery creates hope for a faster energy transition

Northvolt, together with research partner Altris, is developing a battery that is safer, more cost-effective and more sustainable than conventional batteries

Greentech Festival goes Los Angeles – Interview with founding father Marco Voigt

Marco Voigt about his vision for the future of Europe's largest sustainability festival Interview with Marco Voigt, founder of Greentech Festival

How do we lead museums into the future? About dinosaurs, AI and the longing for fascination

Commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art, Graft Brandlab designs an exhibition that makes prehistoric sea creatures accessible Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

“Mission to Net Zero”: The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

Hydrogen hype: A climate-neutral future with green hydrogen

Will hydrogen become a model of the future? Latest developments make hydrogen a “game changer”

Circular cities: The future of urban spaces

With increasing urbanization, the challenges for urban planning also increase - circular cities offer a possible solution

Future journey of the automotive industry to the station sustainability?

6 questions to Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Head of the Center of Automotive Management, on the sustainability of mobility In an interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Director Center of Automotive Management

Welcome to the Babylon of EV charging - can this be sustainable?

The infrastructure of new mobility concepts must move away from insular thinking towards economically efficient, ecologically sustainable and socially fair standards. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

From linear to circular - BMW Group presents the i Vision Circular

This vision vehicle is created according to the principles of the circular economy throughout the entire design, development and manufacturing process

Event: IAA Mobility - realignment for future mobility

IAA Mobility aims to become an international mobility center, with sustainability playing a stronger role

Mobility trends 2022: Changes under the sign of the automotive reset

Mobility Trends 2022: Digitalisation, drive alternatives as well as inclusion and diversification are the focus of mobility trends

News: #CelebrateChange in Berlin as part of the Greentech Festival

 Over 100 exhibitors presented their innovative and green inventions for a sustainable future as part of the Greentech Festival

Urban Air Mobility is turning urban traffic upside down

The dream of flying could find its way into our cities in the next few years and thereby significantly improve the inner-city traffic situation - the most exciting urban air mobility projects

The future of urban cities: Empathic buildings and intelligent mobility

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of the Berlin agency Graft Brandlab, on the sustainable development of architecture, urban planning and mobility By Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

3D printing ideas: These innovative formats set new milestones

Hardly any other industry has experienced such a boom in recent years as three-dimensional printing technology - here are five particularly innovative 3D printing ideas 

These luxury e-cars will mark the new e-volution in 2021

These luxury electric cars set new standards in terms of design, technology and comfort - the best models in 2021

The 12 best urban e-bike brands with a design factor for the city

If you want to move around the city effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, you should rely on urban e-bikes. We show 12 brands for stylish designer bikes

Transform to Net Zero: How to make the economy climate neutral by 2050

Microsoft launches the Transfrom to Net Zero initiative for climate protection. Discover what that means and how companies can contribute

Mobility Report 2021 - Current dynamics of the mobility megatrend

Which trends are driving mobility issues, how does the corona pandemic affect our mobility behavior, and where does mobility meet other megatrends such as urbanization, connectivity and health?

Electromobility - quantum leap or hype?

A fictional dispute between our editors, in which two opposing points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - pro and con

Design studio Mandalaki on innovation, digitization & tradition as a legacy 

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Mobility of the future - these are the four megatrends

Mobility plays a central role in our society. Four innovative concepts meet today's challenges and point the way to future mobility

A Swedish premium yacht is bringing e-mobility to the sea

X Shore is the name of the Swedish manufacturer of the 100 percent electrically operated electric yacht. The company focuses primarily on aesthetics and sustainability

Pininfarina's hypercar of the future is called Battista

Pininfarina takes the next step towards an independent car brand and launches the first purely electric luxury hypercar

Electromobility - A look behind the scenes

The market for electromobility has continued to grow rapidly, with around 3 million cars sold in 2020. But what are the drivers and how green are e-cars really?

Global warming and future targets

Climate-related risks depend on the speed of future warming. According to the IPCC, an increase to 2,0 degrees leads to significant changes

Everything you need to know about ... E-mobility

Electric cars represent one of the largest and most innovative future markets of our time. Pioneering technologists in this industry promise more energy and thus climate efficiency, quality and performance data. In order to always stay up to date, we show everything worth knowing about the further development of electric cars and electromobility in general.

Performance, design and environmental protection - luxury electric cars make it possible

As more and more brands focus on sustainability, car brands are also launching innovative electric car models. Established brands integrate hybrid and electrical technologies into their corporate philosophies, while automotive designers develop purely electrical luxury models. These electric cars can not only meet the demands of conventional alternatives in terms of performance. Rather, they combine quality, design and functionality under the uncompromising premise of promoting sustainability. If you want to be inspired by these exclusive and environmentally friendly models, you've come to the right place and will always find the latest news.

At the interface of innovation & sustainability

In addition to technical know-how and love of design, holistic sustainability plays an important role in the process of developing an electric car. The advantages of an exclusive electric car are only realized holistically when every facet of the car is scrutinized in terms of environmental performance. This means that not only is the drive system energy-efficient, but also that, for example, the interior of the electric car is made from recycled materials such as ECONYL® to reduce emissions and production waste. We show which models combine all of these aspects.

Electric mobility concepts not only run through the car cosmos

Whether electric cars, luxurious premium yachts that are electrically operated or e-scooters: There are a multitude of megatrends in terms of future-oriented mobility concepts. While all these means of transportation are being revolutionized by electric drives to reduce CO2 emissions, there are sharing concepts for (electric) cars, scooters and scooters. Here we present which shared mobility not only protects the environment but also general costs. So you can not only make your locomotion more sustainable, but also more effective and stay flexible without giving up.

Actual quantum leap? Fact-based debates on the electric car hype

Even though sustainable mobility concepts represent a promising future model in view of urbanization and climate change, electric cars in particular are a controversial topic. In order to give you a comprehensive overview, we are showing differentiated debates regarding the advantages and disadvantages of electromobility.