When two brands or personalities team up, they often create something great. Exclusive collaborations are becoming more and more common in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Here we show you collaborations with great impact.

Woke Washing: Is Diversity the New Tool for Image Promotion?

First greenwashing, now woke washing? More and more brands are using Pride Month to communicate their commitment to sociopolitical issues – even without real values ​​behind it

AI for the Oceans Award honors innovative marine conservation projects

The AI ​​for the Oceans Award honors concepts that use AI and progressive technologies to help preserve the ecological balance of the oceans

Greentech Festival 2024: Paving the way for green innovations

Future-oriented technologies and interdisciplinary exchange at the Greentech Festival 2024 - Berlin under the sign of sustainable transformation

Rent & rent out everyday objects with a clear conscience? finein makes it possible

Sharing is caring: How fainin works and what advantages the platform offers in terms of sustainability and security Interview with Maximilian Lehmann, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of fainin

The German Design Council celebrates its 70th anniversary

The international competence center for design is celebrating its anniversary - and with it collaboration, talent promotion, innovation and sustainability

“Mission to Net Zero”: The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

News: European Fashion Alliance outlines Green Deal for fashion

How the European Fashion Alliance wants to reinvent the European fashion industry based on sustainability, education, politics and innovation

How urban mining promises a waste-free future

Urban mining stands for sustainable and future-oriented raw material extraction. Everything about the innovative strategy for resource protection

Nontalo Kids: Where play, spontaneity and sustainability are in harmony

Design duo Eneris Collective launches Nontalo Kids - A modular and bio-based stool with a playful twist

News: GREENSTYLE brings fair fashion & education to Munich

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable - this is exactly why GREENSTYLE creates awareness, reach and visibility for forward-looking changemakers

5 Questions to Next Gen Designer Sep Verboom

“If we as designers and consumers know nothing about the product, we cannot evaluate it” AN INTERVIEW WITH SEP VERBOOM, FOUNDER OF LIVABLE

The Dematerialised and Lukso Co-Founder on the New Creative Economy

The marketplace for digital fashion NFTs and the blockchain technology behind them are challenging the traditional fashion industry In an interview with Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder The Dematerialised and Lukso

Kering invests in real leather from the lab – is this the future?

Luxury fashion group Kering has teamed up with VitroLabs - a biotech start-up from California - to develop leather alternatives

Contemporary fashion platform NJAL breaks with old conventions

NJAL founder Stefan Siegel about the problem of the fashion system, his Zalando partnership and the future of fashion In an interview with Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just A Label

How the Fashion Taskforce enables sustainable change in fashion

The Fashion Taskforce is launching a digital ID that has the potential to offer consumers transparency and sustainability in fashion

Veja x Marni: sneakers at the intersection of sustainability and creativity

High-fashion upgrade for Veja - Veja x Marni launches sustainable sneaker collaboration as a symbol of new luxury

Fashion Week Highlights – Sustainability Recap

New York, London, Milan, Paris - and Copenhagen. Everything about the Fashion Weeks and what the Big Four can learn from the CPHFW in terms of sustainability

Brave New World: Is the Metaverse bad for the environment?

Technologies such as VR, gaming, crypto, blockchain and NFT are now uniting in the digital metaverse – how sustainable is the hype?

The Future is Now - 3D design innovation is revolutionizing fashion

The exceptional Austrian designer Julia Körner talks about the future of 3D printing as a combination of design, innovation and sustainability In an interview with Julia Körner, founder of JK Design

Responsible fashion through disruptive innovation and collaboration

Instead of waiting for a change in consumer behavior, The Bear Scouts relies on new solution models for the supply chain In an interview with Dio Kurazawa, Co-Founder The Bear Scouts

News: These are the results of the COP26 climate conference

Between progress and room for improvement: These are the results of the UN climate conference COP26 and its implications for the future

A club opens up new perspectives through creativity, innovation and collaboration

Together with art, science and entrepreneurship, “lobbying for nature.” In an interview with Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club

News: What we can expect from the COP26 climate conference

This year's UN climate conference COP26 is considered as most crucial for the fight against climate change

News: Sportswear collaboration with resale program “Choose to Give Back”

Together with the second-hand platform thredUP, adidas has launched a circular initiative: “Choose to Give Back”

News: Prince William awards the world's first Earthshot Prize

With the Earthshot Prize, Prince William is launching a 10-year plan to restore the health of our planet

News: Gucci Vault - Young designers on the vintage shopping stage

New collab “Comme Des Garçon X Gucci” in the digital retro space Vault sold out in a few hours

Sponsoring Sustainability Events - Greenwashing or Commitment?

Sponsoring sustainable brands and events is becoming more and more popular - but why? We discuss whether it is greenwashing or whether it is making a real contribution

News: Nike is commercialises AirCarbon biomaterial for CO2 reduction

Nike is collaborating with biotech company Newlight Technologies to reduce its carbon footprint by using the biomaterial AirCarbon

Gamified Luxury puts users in a parallel universe

Gamification creates a new world of fun, technology and profit - everything about the new attraction and how the trend can be used for positive development

Tomás Saraceno x Maison Ruinart: AR Art in the rhythm of nature

Declaration of independence from fossil fuels: Tomás Saraceno's “Movement” installation for Ruinart balances sustainability, art and AR technology

Large impact on GDP expected by 2050 due to global warming

A loss of up to 18% in global GDP could be recorded by 2050 if global temperatures rise by 3,2°C

News: Drake on the way to climate neutrality with Startup Aspiration

World-famous musician Drake is rising as an investor and collaboration partner at Aspiration, a Los Angeles startup specializing in sustainability and financial services

News: Reform the Future - Frankfurt Fashion Week meets SDG Summit

For the first time, the Frankfurt Fashion Week and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit took place from July 05th to 09th, 2021. We were there and learned what the future of the sustainable fashion and textile industry will bring with it.

News: Adidas x Allbirds co-creation for the lowest-emission sneaker

 Collaboration instead of competition is the name of the game at Futurecraft.Footprint - the sneaker with the lowest CO2 footprint to date

News: LVHM x Google Cloud Promotes AI-Based Luxury Experiences

Innovation launches for luxury synonym - In its latest collaboration with Google Cloud, LVHM shows how AI and cloud-based solutions promote new luxury

News: Evian (re)new perceptible water bubble designed by Virgil Abloh

Less plastic, more design. Once again Evian and Virgil Abloh have redesigned the future of sustainable water consumption. Read everything about the Evian (re)new here

Let's Flip - when the community decides on sustainable flops

Investigative journalism with the integration of the community for a better future - here we explain how the online magazine Flip works

New European Bauhaus: The Green Deal for NextGenEU

The German Design Council is a partner of the “New European Bauhaus” - a creative, interdisciplinary initiative of the European Commission to promote sustainability

Digital platform connects change makers and supporters worldwide

“As humans, we are so powerful when we come together – it only takes a few hundred people to literally change the world” Interview with Nina Siemiatkowski, Founder Milkywire

Piñatex, Lino or Mylo - What is vegan leather and the innovation behind?

Fashion brands are currently leading the way: bags, shoes and clothing made from pineapples, palm trees and mushrooms - everything about the innovative leather alternatives

Sustainable outdoor brands - this season's must-haves

Climbing, skiing, surfing or hiking - outdoor clothing is a must have for leisure time - here is the top 10 for sustainable outdoor brands

News: Hermès launches Victoria travel bag made of mushroom-based “leather”

The high-fashion house Hermès, known for its exclusive leather goods, is breaking with tradition and, in cooperation with MycoWorks, is launching a bag made from lab-grown mycelium

What we can expect from the future new work culture

A shift in values ​​towards collaboration, creative solutions and agility will result in the humanisation of future work

News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 Y/Project's “Evergreen” capsule collection consists of the Parisian label's most popular pieces. And produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is bringing out a sustainable collection with the traditional Atelier Swarovski

A collaboration brings together knowledge from two sides

When two brands come together, they can share their know-how and use it for a positive impact. And not only that: through co-branding, you can significantly increase your target groups.

The hype about limited editions

Many brands live from the exclusivity of individual pieces. The lower the number, the higher the price. Limited editions encounter countless interested parties regardless of the industry and thus create a real hype.

Luxury meets streetwear and sustainability

For a long time, the luxury industry found it difficult to establish itself in the streetwear market. But more and more often they cooperate with other brands in order to create something new and to gain a foothold there too. Both areas share a penchant for exclusivity and limited editions.

When sustainable brands meet exciting partners

Sustainable brands also cooperate time and again with exciting companies and personalities. For example, designer Stella McCartney cooperated with Adidas for a vegan shoe collection. As a result, sustainable consumption can reach a broader mass and gain popularity in a wide variety of target groups.