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Plat du Jour: organic restaurants

Eating out and discovering culinary highlights means quality of life. In addition to excellent worlds of taste, the experience is only holistically exclusive when the entire added value and the preparation of the ingredients are of high quality. Best seasonal and regional. You can discover here which exquisite organic restaurants around the world meet these requirements.

Organic restaurants open up exclusive worlds of taste around the globe

Quality and origin of the dishes is the top priority in organic restaurants. True luxury here means that dishes come from organic farming. The fact that ingredients are rarer and can only be used in the context of regionality and certain seasons increases the exclusivity of the dishes. And also the quality. Organic restaurants refrain from foods that have been treated with pesticides, for example, and reject concepts associated with animal suffering. So you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

We show hotspots hyped by the food scene as well as insider tips from the gastro cosmos. Whether Dolce Vita or Savoir-vivre - worldwide organic restaurants prove that culinary excellence at the interface of passion and perfection as well as rustic and refinement are modified by sustainable practices. New interpretations of popular classics or experimental restaurants in organic restaurants take quality and taste to the next level. The fact that the environment is protected because it acts sustainably increases the enjoyment even more.

Experts speak about exquisite organic restaurants worldwide

Expert interviews with Michelin star chefs, owners of exquisite brands for organic delicacies and insiders like sommeliers share their know-how and make recommendations for organic restaurants. From exclusive star cuisine to regional delicacies to modern fusion kitchens, we show where you can indulge in culinary delights. Our selected selection of international organic restaurants guarantees exceptional taste experiences under the uncompromising conditions of sustainable value creation.